DOT benchmarks 3 destinations in 4th District

HERE’S a piece of good news to residents in the Fourth District.

Bikers’ Den, Tondaligan Baywalk, BFAR-NIFTDC facility found in the district have been benchmarked for tourism development and promotion by the Department of Tourism!

The Bikers’ Den built by Rep. Christopher de Venecia in Barangay Inmalog, San Fabian was already benchmarked by the Department of Tourism as one of the must-see tourism destinations in Pangasinan.

This was confirmed after Department of Tourism Regional Director Jeff Ortega, Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Officer Malu Elduayan visited the sites with Congressman De Venecia last week.

The visit was aimed at exploring new sites that could be developed and promoted as new tourist destinations in the region and local products that could be offered and sold to tourists visiting these places to further help stimulate local tourism.

Elduayan noted that the Bikers’ Den in San Fabian is already a haven of bikers not only from Pangasinan but also from other provinces and regions.

She said with the infrastructures and amenities already in place, the Bikers Den can easily be promoted as a classy destination for tourists and an important landmark too, that can whip the appetite of local and foreign visitors.

Because of the tourist magnet of the place, restaurants and cafeterias have since mushroomed near the area, spawning economic activities in an instance in the once drab Barangay Inmalog.

At the same time, because of the pandemic, more people have turned fitness conscious and have taken to riding bikes, visiting the Bikers’ Den would be a treat.

Congressman de Venecia also behind the construction of the Tondaligan Baywalk in Dagupan City, a new project personally trumpeted by Public Works and Highways Secretary as the longest bike lane in the Philippines after visiting and inaugurating the place.

The Tondaligan Baywalk is another convergence project of both the Department of Public Works and Highways and the Department  of Tourism initiated by Congressman de Venecia.

Congressman De Venecia also brought DOT Regional Director Ortega and Acting PTCAO chief Elduayan to the 25-hectare Bureau of Fisheries  and Aquatic Resources-National Integrated Fisheries and Technology Development Center in Bonuan Binloc, Dagupan City.

Designed for farm tourism, BFAR-NIFTD showcases modern fish farming technology and its best practices that could give any one, especially students, and foreigners, a once in a lifetime learning experience.

It can be recalled that De Venecia filed a bill in the House of Representatives seeking to strengthen and provide more funds to BFAR-NFITDC so that it can continue to be a big boon in the transfer of modern technology in fisheries and aquaculture to more Filipinos. (Leonardo Micua)

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