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Jun Velasco is a legend.  Through his mighty pen, he championed the media world-touched the hearts of many -in the best way he can and in the only way he could. He was an inspiration to those he associated with in the world of journalism. His wit and humor was always there- whoever he comes in contact with. His writings penetrated the hearts and minds of us all. His compassion was felt by many- from all walks of life. He braved all challenges and all crossroads on his life- with his one and only weapon-his MIGHTY PEN!

Jun Velasco has been a very good friend-since almost 40 years ago. Time and space had been in between that friendship-but that friendship- was always there. I am lucky to have a good bonding with him and her lovely wife Catherine, and daughter Kharmina only last August, 2018. He was then so full of life-and a very good bonding that was to be our last.

And now Jun Velasco is gone.  We celebrate his life. And though nothing can bring him back to us, we will grieve not-rather find strength in what he left behind- his legacy, the beautiful memories of him- of what he did and what he failed to do during his lifetime.

Goodbye Jun. Go placidly and follow that bright, shining light to guide you on your journey to an everlasting life. Share with us too the same shining light to guide us on our journey through life.

Goodbye Jun, as we have loved you so during your lifetime- so do we love you much more-now that you are gone.

Goodbye Jun, we shall treasure the memory of you-in our hearts, in our minds – wherever we are-whatever we do-today, tomorrow, and for all the years that we shall have to wait.

And when we too shall take the same journey as yours, we know that you shall be there to greet us “WELCOME HOME”

Erna Fernandez-Joyner
Reno, Nevada, U.S.A.  01/26/2019

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