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THE Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center I (ATI-RTC1) recently launched  this year’s PAlayTIMPALAK: Search for Top Performing Rice-Based Integrated Farms (RBIF).

Jeimelie Constantino, rice point person of ATI-RTC 1, said the search from among farmers’ Cooperatives/Associations and Organizations in Region 1 aims to reinforce the adoption and implementation of the RBIF in rainfed and irrigated areas in the region and help the farmers increase their production and income.

“RBIF system is a production system that promotes diversification, intensification and integration of different commodities in rice farm enterprises. Rice as the main component and can be integrated with vegetables, livestock, fisheries, vermicomposting, mushroom, and other farm activities that involve value adding and marketing,” Constantino said.

Constantino said the PAlayTIMPALAK, which was launched by ATI-RTC 1 in early 2021, is open to all farmers’ cooperative, association or organization with rainfed or irrigated planting area.

To qualify for the search, interested participants should be an active farmer cooperatives, associations or organization who is duly be registered to the Department of Agriculture (DA)-Regional Field Office and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR); must have an official receipt; and officers or members of the organization have attended training on RBIF system.

Interested participants should also have an at least 0.5ha (5000sqm) and at most 1.0ha (10,000sqm) with area devoted for rice and vegetables that is compact (owned by association or rented by the association or owned by the member of the association with memorandum of agreement/understanding between association and the owner).

“One half of the area should be planted with rice, one-tenth or more for vegetable production and the remaining area will be for other enterprises, if any,” she added.

Constantino said for the submission of entries, the qualified farmer association will require  an endorsement by the local government unit through a letter of intent addressed to Dr. Rogelio Evangelista, center director of ATI-RTC 1.

She said participating farmers shall send their entries until May 31, 2022 to rtc1.dcc@ati.da.gov.ph cc: riceatirtc1@gmail.com with attached copy of DA registration, BIR, official receipt, farm plan with calendar of activities and farm lay-out; and copy of certificates of five members who attended training on RBIF system. (PIA Pangasinan/EMSA)

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