5 Signs That a Job at a Call Center Is Ideal for You

By May 17, 2021Business

From a single contact center in 1999, the Philippine call center industry has grown to become the world’s largest, with the country now recognized as the call center capital of the world. It is a sector that contributes one of the highest revenues to the economy while also employing over a million Filipinos today. Despite this tremendous achievement, the industry is far from slowing down, as evidenced by the thousands of job listings for call center positions that continue to dominate the various online job portals.

Perhaps you are a fresh graduate looking for a job or someone seeking a satisfying career. If that is the case, finding call center jobs in Manila is undoubtedly an idea that is worth exploring for you. The industry is thriving, and there are tons of opportunities to excel and advance in the career ladder. If you are still hesitant to be part of this robust sector, here are five signs that you may want to consider to know if aiming for a call center position is an ideal career path for you.


You Want a Financially Rewarding Job

Although many try to downplay the importance of receiving an above-average salary, the fact remains that the main reason why employees endure the daily grind is for pay. After all, people need money to pay for their needs and wants, to sustain their lifestyles, and to prepare for their golden years.

If one of your top considerations for choosing a job is the salary grade, joining the call center industry might be what you need, especially if you are a fresh graduate with no work experience. Think about it. The average salary for a new graduate is a little over ₱15,000 a month in other industries, while a call center position will earn you close to ₱20,000 monthly. Prominent companies even provide signing bonuses to new recruits.

Apart from the basic salary, call centers are also known for their exceptional financial perks, such as performance-based bonuses, overtime pay, mid-year and Christmas bonuses, and allowances. Providing health insurance to protect the health and overall wellbeing of staff is also common in the industry.


You Desire a Level Playing Field

 Maybe you experienced unfair treatment in your previous job, which is why you vowed to find an industry that does not discriminate, or you want to work in an organization that offers equal opportunity to excel and move up the career ladder. If so, the call center sector is likely what you are looking for.

Call centers are after performance and results. That is why gender, age, ethnicity, social status, or educational background do not matter. For as long as you meet the minimum qualification standards and perform what the position demands of you, you will get your chance.

More importantly, promotions are based solely on merit. You do not have to be a graduate of a top university, be friendly with the boss, or play politics to succeed. If you work hard and deliver excellent results, career advancement is within your reach.


You Dislike Take-Home Work

In this day and age where everyone is accessible by a press of the button and can do remote work, achieving work-life balance is practically impossible. Instead of enjoying quality time with family during weekends, many employees are spending their limited time replying to work-related calls and emails.

If you dislike take-home work and disturbances from your boss or colleagues outside work, know that the contact center industry is arguably the only sector that could guarantee uninterrupted leisure time. Call centers follow a defined schedule. Once your shift is over and you log out of the system, you are done for the day. You can go home and leave your workload and all work-related concerns in the office.


You Social Interaction

 Do you dislike working in a lonely cubicle performing routine office tasks? Do you get your energy from interacting with other people? If you answered yes to both questions, you would most likely enjoy working in a call center.

Besides interacting with different types of people over the phone, working in a call center will give you a chance to bond and form meaningful friendships with your co-workers. You will not be confined in a restrictive booth with a mere computer as a companion. Instead, you will be surrounded by colleagues you can chat with between calls.

Take note that most contact centers have a layout and design conducive to interactions. They have cozy pantries with free-flowing coffee and tasty snacks where everyone can exchange stories, laugh, and relieve stress during break time. Engaging activities and bonding community events are also common to foster teamwork and a sense of belonging and acceptance.


You Appreciate Learning New Skills and Essential Life Lessons

 If you crave valuable experiences and learning life lessons, you will have your fill working in a call center. Contact center companies provide regular training in communication, encoding, problem-solving, negotiation, and other areas to develop their staff and remain competitive.

However, more than learning and improving technical skills and competencies, anyone who works in the call center industry can learn essential life lessons that they can readily apply to live a more meaningful life. One of these lessons is not taking things too personally.

If you work in this field, you will undoubtedly encounter rude and angry clients who will insult and belittle you. Over time, you will realize that their bad behavior is not because of you but a reflection of their character. Once you understand this, you can significantly reduce your stress at work and in life in general. Moreover, you can develop the values of humility, empathy, and kindness while working here.

The call center industry is not for everyone. While it is true that there are quite a few people who leave the sector after only working for a few months, it is worth noting that there are more who stay for several years, building a rewarding and satisfying career. If you are open to opportunities and can relate to any of the above signs, perhaps you are meant to get a job in the call center business. Who knows? Deciding to work in this field could be one of the most favorable decisions you can ever make in your career life. ###

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