Mayor Brian: Solution to flooding after 10 years

By Ermin Garcia Jr.

A friend texted me if I’ve heard any word from the Dagupan City Hall about formulated plans to check the worsening flooding in the city caused by high tide alone.  I had to admit I’ve not heard of any. No word from the City’s Information Office.

He said he asked because he heard Mayor Brian Lim in a radio interview reply to a question about the flooding situation in the city.  The mayor was asked specifically about his projection on how long he thinks Dagupan will have to suffer the flooding? “Ten years” came his terse reply. Ooops!

So my friend asked, is that the word from the Anti-Flood Commission that the mayor created? Or was that the word of the ignorant who knows nothing about the problem?  Or a reply that’s meant to establish no accountability on his part?

For that “10 years” reply, Mayor Brian owes the city residents a more elaborate explanation about his plans – why it would take the city more than his possible 3 terms (9 years) that he as mayor will be allowed to govern. 

In contrast, former Mayor Belen Fernandez, gently reminded him in a Facebook post about the pending flood projects that need to be implemented to further contain the flooding and mitigate the impact of regular occurrence of high tide in the city.  She cited the P8.8 million project already reserved for the elevation of Galvan St. and construction of new drainage, just waiting to be implemented.

So we take off from that point to ask Mayor Brian – what is he doing about that funded project that could help ease the situation for residents in that area? Would that take 10 years to complete as well? My colleagues in broadcast media should help him get his response out to the residents to help reassure the city that solution is at hand. To be sure, 10 years is way too long to see the flooding stopped.

Also, let’s not forget that the Anti-Flooding Commission was created by Mayor Brian to help him address the flooding problem. It must help Mayor Brian by giving regular update on its activities because the city residents will always remember its existence, as the mayor intended, each time a street is flooded. 

Paging members of the Anti-Flooding Commission: Engr. Joseph Lo, Engr. Liberato Afficial, Engr. Arnold Palmero, Arch. Maximo Tan. Arch.  Zosimo Ganaden, Engr. Nancy Nazareno, James Louell Fernandez, Jose Jesus Torio, Atty. Terence Marata and Atty. Michael Camilo Datario.

Help Mayor Brian with a regular monthly update!

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WATCHOUT FOR SLEEP-OUTS. It is reassuring that both the PNP and AFP are pursuing activities to finally close in on the activities of front organizations of the CPP-NPA in the country.

The suggestion floated by DILG Sec. Eduardo Año to revive the anti-subversion law was not without basis. Our government has its intel sources to indicate what’s happening behind walls of governance.

Without a doubt, there is a massive recruitment by the various organizations of the Makabayan bloc targeting particularly students, the idealists among them who could be swayed into a process of critical thinking against the established government.

The recruitment is no longer limited to public universities and colleges but has expanded to premier private colleges and universities, including Ateneo, La Salle, FEU, Adamson, San Beda, UE, etc.

The recent reported unheeded plea of the unsuspecting mother who went public whose daughter was recruited by Anakbayan and Kabataan Partylist to return to the family certainly shocked many families.

The 17-year-old daughter’s complete turnaround citing her reason – “Not wanting to serve as an investment” – left many parents numb and speechless.  It is one thing to believe in a cause, it’s another to suspect and reject family’s motive for sending a child to school.

It could have only been the result of weeks of brainwashing to make a teen believe such a hogwash, that an education is an investment for the family and not for the child’s future.

In a discussion with some former intel officers, they said that the described changes in her face and the abrasive conduct of the daughter, being irritable and emotional, during the presscon called to rebut the mother was a sign that she was not allowed to sleep much to make time for incessant discussions in order to break and open her mind to new radical thoughts. 

In the case of the daughter, it was evident that the objective was to break the family bond she had first and foremost to effectively break any resistance to rebellious thoughts.

So to parents, be alert! Watch your teens when they stay out with friends often and return sleepless.

Fortunately, our police and armed forces have not seen any unusual recruitment movements in Pangasinan. Or are there?

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