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Move on

By Virginia Jasmin Pasalo


ALL those lessons in respect, honor, good manners and right conduct from teachers of long ago, and all the philosophies that guided wisdom, what happened to it? We should not be in this abyss. We should be moving on to what truly moves us.

Move on. Some die without honor, and move on without it. A few die like kings and queens in the land of the dead and the dying. And birds have nothing to say to them, not even a song, or a tweet.

If something moves you, by all means move on. Follow that invisible inspiration, and move on with it, just flow, you need not understand it, let your inner guide lead you. Move on, not as a response to a MAD woman, but a response to your own muse.


Move on

move on, move on
move the body, a cadaver
to a sepulcher, where he resurrects
among the derelicts, believing
“He has risen.”



no traces, no murder
move on, money, crawl,
in the organs of the greedy,
plunder lubricates, masticates
a rewrite of a nation’s memory


“I didn’t shoot the deputy”

He carried him, in his arms, his brother
after he “didn’t shoot him”, in the forest
birds flew, moving on, from their nest
where pieces of him laid to rest


The barrel of a gun

stop whining, the MAD woman said,
make it easy on yourself,
aim at the temple
“Here, hold the bible!” 

“He died a hero”, she cried,
“and a Christian death, too.”
the Marines heard her.
and they chorused, “True.”

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