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Playing with Fire

Let’s have stronger dikes

By Gonzalo Duque


IT was suspenseful, the hour-long delay that marred the President’s SONA last Monday.

But it was top news, eventful, historic our old friend former President GMA was dramatically installed as Speaker, replacing the controversial now former Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

Papaano naman?

Hindi marunong magdala at maglaro. Akalain nyo nilalabanan ang anak ni Presidente, si Mayor Sara ng Davao. It’s a big no-no, di po ba?

We have a popular saying in Pangasinan on that, “inatey so angabil” (the harmful was killed)!

In all solemn consideration (yes, we mean, “solemn,”) the solons’ choice of Gloria is perfect timing. Though still young (70), Gloria has a vast experience in government—former and incumbent Congresswoman, former Senator, former Vice President and former President.

In the House, kabisadong-kabisado niya ang batas at mga abogado diyan… pansirsir koen to ira, agaontan, Manong Joe de V? Even Kuya Joe, nakalaban na rin niya, sino ang nanalo?

That’s why when asked what we think of her installation as Speaker, we unhesitatingly said, “yakang-yaka, manimanien to itan.”

Gloria has the gift of experience. She will be a great asset of the President. Forecast ng pitak na ito, baka mag-serbing bise president itan?

We are reminded of an episode during the reign of Madam Indira Gandhi in India.

One time, a religious leader named Maraji Desai was installed by people power when the powerful woman leader incurred the ire of the Indian people for her drastic population control program.

Of course, you all know Madam Indira.

Hmmm… to cut a long story short hindi nagtagal si Maraji Desai, and the woman leader got back to rule India again.

In GMA’s case, if you ask us, we’d say the speakership is just mani (peanuts) to her.

Back to the SONA.

Nagmukhang tunay na Pangulo na si Digong, ano? Wala na ang mura, expletives, and all that.

Marami ang na letdown. They were expecting fireworks, you know his speaking style. But on the whole, everyone was happy.

Presidenteng president kwanmo pa?

Mabuhay Pangulong Digong!

*          *          *          *

Reports from typhoon-ravaged kabaleyans are mad at certain tricycle drivers who overcharged their passengers by 300%, susmarjosep! This report was denounced by our brothers on the air as plain and simple demonic (ka-demonyohan), kasi instead of extending a helping hand, those locos still have the gall to abuse our kababayan to the limit of their patience.

            Mabuti na lang hindi natin matyempuhan yong abusong tricycle driver, baka apaltog ko pa!

            At saka, according to a Mindanaoan doctor who is a consultant at a government hospital here, napupuwing daw sa practice ng mga intsik na may store sa A.B. Fernandez Ave. who put up blockades in front of their stores sa limitadong daanan (sidewalk) for pedestrians along the flooded street. Ito ang mga taong walang kunsensiya, dapat i-deport.

            Dapat saka nila isama sa grupo ng mga mapang-api at iharap sa firing squad!

*          *          *          *

What???!!! Mayor Belen Fernandez’s infra program is to blame for the floods! Masyado kimet? Hindi lang Dagupan ang nabaha ah

Our take on Dagupan’s flooding sits well with the engineering office bosses who are in partnership with Mayor Belen on the issue of infrastructure. Sicayo ran medyo may myopia (near sighted), paayosyo tay mata yo ed si Dr. Vicky Tada ompiano malinew so pakanengneng yo.

If you ask us, we’d suggest a higher much stronger dike program just like how they did it in Japan. Natumbalan amin, but if we have a sturdy dike program, we’d be safe.


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