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Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in 2015

By Al S. Mendoza


NOT a known fact is this:  The bout with Chris Algieri was Manny Pacquiao’s tune-up fight.

It was set up to give Pacquiao the necessary tool in preparation for his long-delayed megabuck encounter with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Most probably, the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout could be held in 2015—possibly between August and November.

But before that, Mayweather needs a tune-up fight, too, before he faces Pacquiao.

What is a tune-up fight again?

It is one that favors the heavily-favored fighter in the contest.

Thus, Algieri was reduced to a mere punching bag as Pacquiao easily pocketed a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

Algieri was the laughingstock, yes, but he was cut out for that in the first place.

He was paid $1 million for acting silly and stupid.

He got knocked down six times but was not knocked out.

You think he deserves applause for not having been knocked out?

Maybe.  But take this:  Do you honestly believe that he was knocked down 6 times?

I don’t remember having seen a fighter getting knocked down that many in recent memory.

Have you not given it a thought, has it never crossed your mind, that in the not-so-distant past, anyone that got hit by Pacquiao real hard would often kiss the canvas, never to rise again?

Only Juan Manuel Marquez survived three knockdowns and proceeded to finish the fight with Pacquiao in 2004.

That bout ended in a controversial draw instead of with Pacquiao getting declared the winner.

In their next two fights, Pacquiao won on mere points, necessitating a fourth encounter.

In their last clash in 2012, Pacquiao, leading after five rounds, got careless in the sixth.

With a tick remaining in that round, Marquez sneaked in a solid right while they were in a slambang affair.

Boom! And Pacquiao fell flat on his face to absorb his first knockout loss since 1998.

Pacquiao has recovered somewhat with three wins in his last three fights in 2013 and last month.

At 36, Pacquiao is ready for a 2015 fight with Mayweather who, because he turns 38 next year, should be more than ready for the much-awaited encounter.

Contrary to speculations, Mayweather is not afraid to fight Pacquiao.

He is just buying time because that would mean sweetening the pot for the fight.

The more blah-blah Mayweather whips up, the most interest the fight will generate.

More interest, more money coming; that is Mayweather’s forte, next only to his defensive skills.

But first, before Mayweather meets Pacquiao, he needs a tune-up fight.

That will surely give him his 48th straight win and next, he guns for the record-tying 49-0 mark with that fight against Pacquiao.

It’s going to happen, I tell you.

Just you wait, fellas.

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