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PNHS students’ OJT- program suspended

LINGAYEN –The accidental electrocution suffered by a senior high school student inside a hotel prompted DEPED Pangasinan 1 Division to order the administration of the Pangasinan National High School (PNHS) to suspend its on-the-job training for senior high school students pending results of police investigation on the case.

P/Superintendent Charlie Umayam, Lingayen police chief, said an investigation is ongoing to determine responsibility over the accidental electrocution of Marica Tomelden, 17 years old, a senior student at PNHS from Barangay Libsong West, while working at a hotel as an OJT being a requirement for Technical Vocation and Livelihood (TVL) students under the track of home economics (cookery).

Initial investigation showed Tomelden was on her first day of duty in a hotel and was cleaning an area beside the mini-pool/fountain and tried to remove the plywood. She slipped on the wet floor and fell, accidentally touching the lamp beside the mini-pool. The lamp apparently had an exposed live wire.

She was rushed to Jesus Nazarene Hospital in Lingayen and later transferred to Villaflor hospital for medical treatment.  She is now in stable condition.

Because of the incident, DEPED Pangasinan 1 Division ordered the administration of the PNHS to suspend temporarily the work emersion program for senior high school students after an emergency meeting with PNHS administration.

The meeting reiterated the memorandum of agreement signed by DepEd and the other parties/offices who accepted the OJT’s in order to secure the safety of students undergoing OJT.

Umayam said, there are also students from PNHS doing OJT at the Lingayen Police Station, and assured the school the signed MOA is strictly observed, i.e., students are only allowed to stay inside station to observe office work, and never allowed to go out of the street to man traffic nor join operations, and are prohibited to get close to the detention cell.

PNHS promised the family of the student to talk to the management of the hotel to help the student with her hospital expenses. (Nora Dominguez/Leonardo Micua)

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