Dagupan City among top 1,000 global urban economies

By May 26, 2024Top Stories

DAGUPAN City has been identified as one of nine cities in the Philippines included among the largest urban economies in the world.

Oxford Economics, a UK-based think tank, recently unveiled its 2024 Global Cities Index, shedding light on urban environments worldwide.

While global giants like New York, London, San Jose, Tokyo, and Paris lead the rankings, several Philippine cities have also made their mark.

Dagupan City, ranked 604. Key advantage lies in the environment (ranked 220), while human capital remains a challenge (ranked 701).

Aside from Dagupan, the other eight cities in the Philippines include Manila (ranked 256), Cebu (ranked 436), Cagayan de Oro (ranked 487), Davao City (ranked 500), Angeles City (ranked 502), Bacolod (ranked 538), Zamboanga (ranked 695), and General Santos (ranked 723).

The 2024 Global Cities Index by Oxford Economics provides insights into urban environments worldwide, with New York, London, San Jose, Tokyo, and Paris leading the rankings.

Oxford Economics ranks based on five categories: economics, human capital, quality of life, environment, and governance.

Oxford Economics said that “By analyzing these five dimensions in depth, the Global Cities Index provides a nuanced understanding of each city’s strengths and areas for improvement, empowering policymakers, investors, employers, and residents to make informed decisions.”

Topping the 2024 Global Cities Index are New York (USA), London (UK), San Jose (USA), Tokyo (Japan), and Paris (France). (Ahikam Pasion)

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