Public urged to continue wearing face masks

By May 21, 2023Top Stories


THREE councilors of Dagupan City confirmed the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Dagupan City, including Pangasinan, and cautioned against dropping of strict health measures inside offices of the city council, and all other offices of the Dagupan City government.

Councilor Dennis Canto said doctors of the Nazareth General Hospital and of the Regional Medical Center confirmed that cases of COVID-19 have started to rise, needing the reimposition of standard health protocols to prevent its spread in the city.

Canto said that symptoms of COVID-19 are no longer the usual colds and cough but are now body pains and weakening of the muscles, so it is difficult to detect whether a person has the virus.

He urged  Vice Mayor Brian Kua to order City Secretary Ryan Ravanzo to implement stricter measures for persons entering the session hall and expressed the same concern in the office of  Mayor  Belen Fernandez which, he said is always crowded daily.

Canto said he also advised against the request of business establishments, including banks, to stop requiring the use of face masks.

Councilor Malou Fernandez, chairman on the SP committee on health, said she also received two letters from local business establishments asking whether they can  stop requiring face masks. She said the establishment were warned about rising COVID-19 cases.

Councilor Celia Lim, a nurse by profession, said that in view of the again rising cases of COVID-19, people, especially the immuno-compromised, should continue wearing masks in closed  public places, and in crowded public places to stay safe from CIVID-19, and the Arcturus virus, a sub-variant of Omicron, has already entered the country.

Councilor Lim said to ensure total protection against COVID-19, people must seek vaccination, two times for the primary vaccine, and two times for the booster shots. (Leonardo Micua)

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