Pangasinan PNP reports 101 suicide cases

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THERE were already 101 Pangasinenses that committed suicide as of November 15 this year.

P/Major Ria Tacderan, public information of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office, however clarified that the number is lower than the 124 suicide incidents logged by the police in the province last year.  In 2020, there were only 90 suicide incidents recorded.

Tacderan told the Tontongan ed PIA on Wednesday, November 15, that PPPO’s data show that out of the 101 recorded suicide incidents this year, 87 were men and 14 were females, and five were minors.

Asked on the reasons for these suicide incidents, Tacderan said while policemen are not psychiatrists and psychologists who can identify the reasons behind the suicide case, the common factor behind the cases why adults committed suicide was financial – shortage of money or lack of it amid the current economic crisis during  the pandemic.

Citing her own experience as an investigator, she said policemen could only base their observations from their own findings during the actual investigation of these incidents.

She said because of the pandemic, it appeared some people found themselves suddenly  unemployed, aggravating financial difficulties of their families,

Another common factor among men who committed suicide was failed romance, love relations, i.e., couple breaking up, cheating.

Among minors, failing grades in school and fear of parents reactions pushed them to end their lives.

P/Capt. Noerelyn Tamayo, chief of the women’s and children’s desk of the Pangasinan PPO, said the high expectation of parents on their children that could not be met sometimes drive the young ones to commit suicide.

Tamayo said in some cases, the minors suffered from depression because they were unable to confide in anyone or their parent about their personal issues whether in school or with any group of people because their parents are too busy in their work.

Dr. Milagros Bacareza, a mental health specialist of Region 1 Medical Center, sees the COVID-19 pandemic as among the biggest contributory factors for the suicides.

Ang mga kabataan ngayon for the past years have been in a very challenging situation with the pandemic. So, may mga dating support system na dapat pagtuunan,” Dr. Bacareza said.

At the height of the pandemic, being forced to be confined in their homes was stressful for the young people and were left with expressing their thoughts on social media. “With the start of in-person classes, children and their parents now have more relaxed time and opportunity to reach out to other people,” she added.

Dr. Barcena said R1MC has a lifeline where depressed adults and adolescents with emotional problems and on the verge of social attempts may call to seek an advice or appointments for professional advice from psychiatrists and psychologists. (Leonardo Micua)

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