15 illegal fish pens down, 23 to go till December 14

By November 27, 2022Top Stories


IN her “Kapehan, Talakayan at Balitaan” program last Wednesday, Nov. 23, Dagupan City Mayor Belen Fernandez reported that while only 15 of the 1,206 illegal fish pens in Dagupan City have so far been demolished by the Task Force Bantay Ilog, eight more are set for dismantling on December 1.

In addition, Fernandez said OIC City Agriculture Officer Patrick Dizon reported that 15 illegal fish pens more are set to be removed after their respective owners committed to dismantling their own structure on or before December 14.

Fernandez said that three of the oversized fish pens that were demolished, located in Bonuan Gueset, were owned by one Lawrence Najera, a known political ally of former Mayor Brian Lim, and three others were owned by former Barangay Pantal Chairperson Lilia Yasar.

Najera has been monitored to own nine other oversized illegal fish pens in the area of Bonuan Gueset and has given permission to the Bantay Ilog Task Force to also demolish all  nine pens.

In the case of Yasar, another political ally of former Mayor Lim, she reportedly restocked her three illegal fish pens with new fingerlings after harvesting her old stocks with earlier  commitment that her structures would be demolished. Her move was detected by the TF Bantay Ilog and demolished the structures with her new stocks.

Both Najera and Yasar received notices of violations and eventually notice for demolition from the TF Bantay Ilog.

But as the city government was busy dismantling fish pens, one Jake Melendez surreptitiously constructed his own oversized fish pen in Barangay Bacayao Sur, but the TF Bantay Ilog Task got wind of it and immediately demolished the structure.

Angered by latest reports of violations of the city ordinance, Mayor Fernandez warned those who want to test her resolve will find their new illegal fish pens demolished within 24 hours.

Fernandez reported that there are in fact several other fish pens that were already voluntarily dismantled by their owners after harvesting their last remaining fish stocks.

Dizon said that before dismantling illegal fish pens, the TF Bantay Ilog issues notice of violation and a notice of demolition to the owner of their structures. (Leonardo Micua)

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