New E.O. sets new restrictions to enter Pangasinan

By June 14, 2021Top Stories

DESPITE the relaxation of restrictions at the province’s borders, it is still not easy to enter Pangasinan, especially if one is not an Authorized Person Outside of Residence (APOR) or if one is not under emergency medical condition.

This is the new rule based on Executive Order No. 0049-2021 or the Amended Travel Restrictions in Pangasinan signed by Governor Amado Espino III on June 3, 2021 which was issued to all local governments, government agencies and PNP that mans the borders of Pangasinan.

Firstly, the new EO still bans tourists from areas under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), which classifications the NCR+ bubble was previously under.

However, essential travels or travels by APORs designated by IATF-EID or the PNP, including but not limited to frontline services, government personnel with travel order,
emergency medical cases and movement of cargo, will continue to be allowed entry to the province.

The EO stipulates that Pangasinan residents may be permitted outbound travel, provided that in their return to Pangasinan, if they are APORs, they must present a valid or government-issued ID, a travel order or itinerary and to pass symptom-screening.

Travel authority and medical certificates are no longer required to be presented at border checkpoints and that no traveler shall be required to undergo quarantine unless he/she exhibits symptoms upon arrival at LGU of destination.

At same  time, all buses from NCR bound for Pangasinan are required to use the Integrated Terminal Exchange as the central hub of transportation. No bus company or public transport will be allowed use of their private terminal.

Locally Stranded Individuals, Returning Overseas Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers are required to report to Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams upon arrival at their respective residences.

Most importantly, tourists are required to register with “Pangasinan Tara Na” at https: Pangasinan.Tara

All persons  traveling to Pangasinan are required to also register with S-PaSS Travel Management System at https: and must check the travel requirements of component LGUs before travel.

Also, travels between NCR Plus and Pangasinan are allowed without age restriction and that the same must be on a point-to-point basis only, and those traveling must present a negative RT-PCR result at border checkpoints.

The traveler must observe additional reasonable restrictions imposed or to be imposed by destination town or city or by the Department of Tourism and other relevant government agencies. (Leonardo Micua)

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