Photo and short narrative by Art G. Valenzuela

(Exclusive to The Sunday Punch)


I always love to capture the rising of the sun and its setting. Perhaps it is the artist in me or putting it more succinctly — the romantic in me that inspires me to go to certain lengths and patience to capture these wonders of nature. I always love the hues, tones, and colors that they bring. My secret is in “imaginary conceptualization,” the simple pre-meditated composition of the scene I want to capture and which place. I even go to the extent of consulting available data as to the exact time when the sun is going to start rising, and conversely what time it will set and allotting enough time for both. One word of advice— both events take place very fast. So, be sure you are ready to keep pace with the movements without losing your composure.

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The photos in this album were taken in different parts of the country – from along Nlex in Pampanga to the beaches of Bolinao, Bataan, Pangasinan, and Ilocos Norte.[/read]

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