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by Farah Decano

June 21, 2021 in Andromeda's Vortex

June Pride

By Atty. Farah G. Decano   BEFORE there was Cebu City’s 2012 ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, there was Dagupan City’s Gender Equality ordinance which was approved on June 28, 2010 by then Mayor Alipio Fernandez Jr. I wrote that piece of…
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June 14, 2021 in Andromeda's Vortex


By Atty. Farah G. Decano              OF course, I am talking about portmanteaus of possible team-ups for the two highest elective posts in the land. SAPAQ refers to Mayor Sarah Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao. SAGO pertains to Mayor Sarah again and Senator Bong Go while SABAW just sounds good…
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June 7, 2021 in Andromeda's Vortex

The circus begins

By Atty. Farah G. Decano   THERE is no legal impediment for President Rodrigo Duterte to run as Vice President of his daughter, Davao City Mayor, Sarah Duterte.  If its legal, then why is there much brouhaha over his looming vice-presidential candidacy? I think the naysayers fear for the concentration…
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May 31, 2021 in Andromeda's Vortex

Quality Time

By Atty. Farah G. Decano   HEARD of the five love languages? They are Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gifts, Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. These are the ways by which one communicates and receives love. This does not apply only to romantic relationships but to all sorts of…
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May 24, 2021 in Andromeda's Vortex

A time to praise

By Farah G. Decano               THERE are so many negativities surrounding us about the management of the pandemic in the country. Perhaps, a little praise is due when it is due. My mother, brother and I had ourselves jabbed yesterday with AstraZeneca at the Dagupan City Astrodome.  I commend…
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