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by Farah Decano

April 8, 2024 in Andromeda's Vortex

Recruitment ongoing?

By Farah G. Decano   “FILIPINOS do not yield.” I stand with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as regards his position regarding the West Philippine Sea dispute. He does not appear to be China’s lap dog.  While the Asian giant seems to be flexing its power over our relatively puny country,…
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March 30, 2024 in Andromeda's Vortex

Domine, Ut Videam!

By Farah G. Decano   WHEN Jesus Christ asked what the blind man needed,  the latter knelt down and exclaimed, “Domine, Ut Videam!” The blind man was actually blessed with a vision that others with good eyes did not have. He knew his inadequacy and prayed for the fulfilment  of…
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March 24, 2024 in Andromeda's Vortex


By Farah G. Decano   I HAVE no proof of this which was merely relayed to me.  However, I am putting it out there for whatever its worth.  I was told that there are key government officials who are retained either by corporations or certain powers-that-be for their future protection. …
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March 17, 2024 in Andromeda's Vortex

Efforts to waste

By Farah G. Decano   I am extremely happy that Dagupan’s version of the Smokey Mountain located in Bonuan is now being addressed by the present administration.  It is not to say that Mayor Belen Fernandez sat on the garbage problem during her first two terms in the years 2013…
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March 10, 2024 in Andromeda's Vortex

Approximating the deal

By Farah G. Decano   “HAYAAN mong magkamali.” I heard that directive from a senior politician whose opponents were doing things wrong. I knew what he intended. He would use the rivals’ error or mistake as an electoral issue later. With the ongoing DPWH road elevations and drainage installations in…
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