General Admission

by Al S. Mendoza

September 25, 2022 in General Admission

Signing 2 contracts is illegal

By Al S. Mendoza   WILL Navarro was hot news this week on the sporting front. Not because of his on-court skills but, alas, on his off-court misstep of monumental proportions. Navarro was a star of the Ateneo basketball team that won multiple times in the UAAP events in recent…
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September 18, 2022 in General Admission

Lefty Eala latest toast of Philippine sports

By Al S. Mendoza   ALEX Eala became the newest sports sensation when she won the U.S. Open tennis junior singles championship last weekend in New York, USA. That is no mean feat as Alex crowned herself the best tennis player in the 18-year-old and below in the whole wide…
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September 11, 2022 in General Admission

Why San Miguel is All-Filipino champ again

By Al S. Mendoza   LET’S call a spade a spade. Chot Reyes has just committed a monumental boo-boo that will haunt him for the rest of his life. He chose a meaningless chore over a hugely important mission. Instead of putting his heart into TNT’s title-retention campaign, he shuttled…
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September 4, 2022 in General Admission

Sugar, salt and the shortage of both

By Al S. Mendoza   FIRST was the sugar shortage.  Second, the salt scarcity.  What’s next is the 64-dollar question so to speak. But first things first. Who floated the sugar shortage scam? He/she remains unidentified up to now. Pending revelation of the guilty party, a purchase order for 350,000 metric tons…
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August 28, 2022 in General Admission

Dagupan’s Divine Dante

By Al S. Mendoza   TIME to sing praise for Dante M. Velasco, a great son of Dagupan City whose corporate feats have become so global that Nobel Prize-like plaudits for him have long been overdue. Always a step ahead of his peers, Dante is a many dimensional dude worthy…
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