Mangaldan extends scholarships to children of poor families

By September 5, 2021People & Events

THE Mangaldan government conducted its examination for municipal scholarship in 29 barangays last August 21.

The scholarship is offered for incoming Grade 7 students from low-income families with good academic records who will be enrolled in a public high school in Mangaldan this school year.

According to the Municipal Planning Development Coordinator (MPDC), 176 took the qualifying examination and only the top 100 examinees will be awarded the scholarship.

Each municipal scholar will receive P1,200 monthly allowance from Grade 7 to 12 if  they maintain an average grade of  85% every academic quarter. They will, however, lose their scholarships when they transfer to another school outside Mangaldan.

The program currently serves 235 scholars from Grade 8 to 12. (Ericka Marco, OJT UL)

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