“Powerful by Faith,” a ‘spiritual vaccine’ for all

By June 27, 2021People & Events


AS the Covid-19 pandemic continues, Jehovah’s Witnesses from 240 nations will gather online to attend a spiritual ‘vaccine’ — a global convention during the next few weeks.

This year’s theme, “Powerful by Faith”, is a fitting reassurance today, as more and more people express despair over finding elusive hope after the pandemic.

Originally, thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses converge in some auditoriums to attend the convention. However, as a precaution against Covid-19 and to observe government’s health and safety protocols, the Witnesses, along with their families and friends, will be watching uploaded sessions through the website JW.ORG throughout July and August 2021.

Many congregations and families will start viewing the first convention session during the weekend of July 1-2.

Talks, interviews, and multimedia presentations are anticipated in this year’s convention.

The program will answer lingering questions: “Why it is reasonable to have faith in God’s existence, his Word, his moral standards, and his love?”; “What is ‘the good news’?”; and “Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses keep on preaching?”.

The convention will also feature a two-part Biblical drama about the life of the prophet Daniel, and how he faced and overcame temptations, trials, and ridicule.

The program is to be released in six installments, each corresponding to a morning or afternoon session of what would have been three successive convention days.

More details can be found at the website JW.ORG. (Ahikam Pasion)

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