Leni’s last minute changes

By October 11, 2021Random Thoughts

By Leonardo Micua


AFTER failing to unite all the opposition forces against the perceived candidate of Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, VP Leni Robredo made a last-minute decision to eventually run for president with Senator Kiko Pangilinan as her running-mate.

Well, the two are obviously the candidates of the Liberal Party and the Isambayan but from the looks of it, they seem to be abandoning their demonized yellow party color in favor of color pink.

But having decided to run at the last minute, almost missing the bus that leads to Malacanang, will Leni still have any ghost of a chance the other presidential hopefuls – Manny Pacquiao, Mayor Francisco Domogoso, also known by his screen name as Isko Moreno; Senator Ping Lacson and former Senator Bongbong Marcos whom she beat in the 2016 polls? Leni eventually filed as an independent bet.

We did not mention the name of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte who, despite already having filed her CoC for her reelection, may yet change her mind and gun for the seat that will be vacated by her father.

Remember that Senator Bong Go, no longer Digong, is running for Vice President under the PDP Laban Cusi wing and there was an earlier covenant by the father-daughter that only one of them will run for the top national posts.

Since only fools will not change their mind, as the saying goes, Sara has until November 15, the last day allowed for the substitution of candidates to be included in the list of presidentiables. Wanna bet?

*          *          *          *

In the local front, we view the coming gubernatorial fight that pits incumbent Governor Amado Espino III against his challenger 5th District Rep. Ramon Guico III has the making of a battle royale that will finally decide on who is who in Pangasinan politics.

Espino is relying on his solid performance in office for the last five years that really made a difference in Pangasinan to  carry him through, to win a third and final term of office. His works are now visible in all areas. 

Not to be outdone, Congressman Guico also made good in his first term of office as congressman of the Fifth District. But his most notable accomplishment was his being able to dethrone an accomplished politician, the then incumbent congressman and former three-term governor Amado Espino Jr. , the father of the incumbent Governor, in his first try in Congress. 

Allied with incumbent Vice Governor Mark Lambino, Cong. Guico  may be entertaining the wild idea that if he was able to K.O. the father in one fell swoop, toppling the son could be easier. 

But that is easier said than done. As governor for two terms, Guv Pogi has consolidated his political forces in all districts in the province. Combined this with his work ethics, that is not easy to match, he is hard to beat in the coming election. Moat of all, the Espinos are now well entrenched in Pangasinan and no one can disprove that. 

*          *          *          *

There is that video posted on Facebook that proved that the harassment and bullying of street vendors at the Magsaysay Market  by persons in authority is not a  political crap but for real. Methinks this will continue unless Mayor Brian Lim comes to his senses that he’s facing a reelection. It will be bad for his campaign to return to his post if he will continue to antagonize a sector of the public market.

Imagine, a week after the vendors were accommodated along the sidewalk by the river side and under tent shades courtesy of the one wielding the baton at city hall, they were only given no more than three hours to sell their wares!

So everything that was conceded were mostly sugar-coated or cosmetics. What’s the use of accommodating them in the sidewalk and providing brand new tents if they are limited to sell fish to just two or three hours? That’s insane!

Councilor Jose Netu Tamayo was right when he asked for the legal basis of limiting the time of vendors in selling their goods in the public markets because he knows that no ordinance was ever passed since by the Sangguniang Panlungsod specifying the limited time for selling.

Unfortunately no representative from the city market nor from the market marshal was present to respond to the question. They have been ignoring the invitation of the SP to attend its session.

Councilor Chito Samson was right when he said only the mayor can solve the predicament of the vendors, and believes that even the SP cannot do it.

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