Will VG Lambino refile DU30 as VP resolution?

By Leonardo Micua


NOW that the ruling PDP Laban, in a party caucus in Cebu against the advice of party president Sen. Emmanuel Paquiao, passed resolution urging President Rodrigo Duterte to run for Vice President in 2022, will Vice Governor Mark Lambino reintroduce his resolution in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan also urging DU30 to run for VP?

Recall that VG Lambino proposed that a resolution be passed urging President Duterte to run for VP in next year’s election. Although the measure was seconded by Board Member Von Mark Mendoza, the move was rejected by the majority.

Emotions flared because most board members, although they support and respect President Duterte, considered it untimely and totally irrelevant since the country was still struggling from the effects of the long pandemic.

Lambino eventually reconsidered and withdrew his resolution, a move personally hailed by Board Members Jeremy Agerico Rosario and Nestor Reyes. If he had insisted on his way, a showdown in the SP between the majority and the minority would have ensued.

Lambino, allied with four board members, still belongs to the minority having run and won under the banner of the Nacionalista Party in the 2019 elections.

But granting without admitting that he already affiliated with the ruling party, (his father, Raul, being the administrator of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and the regional Vice President of the party), he is still not in a position to call the shots even if he is the son of a ranking regional party official.

The chairman of the PDP Laban in Pangasinan is former Governor Amado Espino Jr., and Governor Amado Espino III is the titular head. Courtesy dictates that if he intends to revive his resolution, he ought to know who to approach first.

But a day after he withdrew his resolution, the son and father met political leaders at Monarch Hotel in Calasiao (with Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi expected to be present), and passed resolution urging DU30 to run for VP in 2022 polls. (We were informed that mayors were invited in that pow-wow but only few attended. But these few mayors walked out when they saw that Secretary Cusi was absent, leaving just two mayors in that hall.)

Indeed, what can hold back VG Lambino from refiling his resolution urging DU30 to run for VP in the 2020 polls now?

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I’ve just taken my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. And like my first dose, I did not feel any adverse reaction at all. I went to the vaccination site before 11:00 a.m. for my appointment per a text message from Dagupan Vaccination Team headed by Dr. Dalvi Casilang. I was told to bring with me my vaccination card, ID, ball pen and to wear face mask and face shield. I brought more than that: a bottle of water and one piece of  Fita biscuit.  

When I arrived at the Dagupan People’s Astrodome, the first time vaccinees were made to pass the triage but those who taking second dose didn’t have to. I was already standing at the end of the line for second dose vaccinees. There were many others that followed me. I patiently waited till it was my turn to enter.  

There was about 10 rows of chairs already occupied and I only managed to take my seat after the 10th row of vaccinees advanced to the ninth. From there, three other screening areas awaited us. 

Most of the vaccinees were senior citizens but a few younger ones were vaccinated probably because they have comorbidities. But I doubted if a mid-twenty young guy, accompanied by his partner ahead of me, had comorbidities as he was looking hale and healthy.  

Isn’t the vaccine intended for the A-2 (senior citizens) and A-3 (persons with comorbidities) as prescribed by the Department of Health and approved by the national Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases? 

It was already almost 12 noon when I finally got my last dose of the vaccine. But before I could leave Astrodome I had to line up to a table for my last stop. While waiting for my turn, I received a text message from my wife, asking me if I had finished. I told her I was done with my vaccination already in the last step of the process. 

We thank members of the Dagupan Vaccination Team for the making the process comfortable for all. There were even ushers to lead vaccinees to their next stops. Nurses in the screening areas were all courteous, with wide grins on their faces. 

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