High expectations of PBBM because of PRRD

By July 18, 2022Out of the Fire

By Gonzalo Duque


THE latest Pulse Asia survey on former President Rodrigo Duterte’s performance is not surprising at all. Despite being labeled by bashers as human rights violator by his detractors and the western press, PRRD consistently earned an incredible 83 percent performance rating throughout and finally an 89% trust rating as he was leaving office.

He’s the first PH president to have achieved such rating. Usually, when a president leaves office, his or her performance rating dips. But it was different in PRRD’ case. (The survey was done before Duterte finally bowed out of office and only released when PBBM was already at the helm).

Of course, I and his co-workers in government, especially his cabinet members, are happy with the results of the survey.

Back to PRRD, the expectation of those who voted for BBM must be so high, after noting the high ratings of PRRD. They pray that PBBM must equal if not exceed the expectation of the people. But, it’s just the start of PBBM administration, so I’ll reserve my thoughts on it muna.

I only hope and pray that the PBBM administration will continue the successful programs of the Duterte administration.

*          *          *          *

I was informed that the Rotary Club of Dagupan, the mother of all Rotary Clubs in Pangasinan, donated a sophisticated hearing aid machine for infants to the Dagupan Diagnostic Center during the past Dagupan City administration. 

But because the diagnostic center was never operated, the Dagupan Rotary took back the donation and gave it instead to San Carlos City.  That was a big loss to Dagupan as the equipment could have helped determine our children, particularly infants, hearing capability.

It must have been quite an expensive equipment for the Rotary Club of Dagupan to account for the equipment to the Rotary International. Because the club was forced to take it back as the diagnostic center was never opened. I consider this as an act of non-feasance  by the Lim administration. 

As I’ve already written in my past columns, if it is for the welfare of the people, the succeeding admin must continue it. The shelving of the Dagupan City Diagnostic Center by Brian Lim simply because it was initiated by Mayor Fernandez was grossly immature on his part.

Also, many thanks to Dr. Ashok Vasandani for donating to the city 240-square meter lot as access road to the proposed Super Family Health Clinic in Bolosan. Bravo Dr. Ashok! Bravo Mayor Belen!

*          *          *          *

 I heard that controversial issues already surround the construction of the new city hall in Dagupan.

First, the contractor will have to elevate the floor of the building by two meters on account of the daily flooding in the area, rain or shine.

So, what will happen to the old city hall and the Sangguniang Panlungsod building? The old city hall consists of two floors and if you elevate it by two meters too, the staircase, then all the offices in the first floor will be gone, reducing it to a height level of a bungalow. And the SP’s three-storey building will also be reduced to two stories. That’s a big problem!

The planned parking space inside the compound is another, will only accommodate 25 vehicles . The worst consequence when the floor level of the entire city hall compound is raised, the Metro Plaza, Magic, CSI Market Square, St. John Cathedral and other establishments will absorb the brunt of the floods. They may have forgotten that water seeks its own level.

This is a project that clearly was not well-studied and well-planned. It didn’t factor in the consequences of the planned elevation. It’s another case of putting the cart ahead of the  horse. It is bad, very bad for the people of Dagupan!

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