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By March 10, 2024Newsy News

By Eva c. Visperas 


I’VE been hearing some political buzz lately—speculations, revelations—as soon as 2024 rolled in.

I received an invitation to a birthday party on March 2 in my hometown of Binmaley. Normally, I shy away from such nighttime gatherings, but the celebrator himself, Kuya Sam, insisted. So, after wrapping up my tight schedule for the day, I headed there, albeit two hours late.

Thankfully, the program had not begun when I arrived. Mayor Sam, now Vice Mayor, welcomed me alongside PNP Regional Director P/Gen. Lou Evangelista, a fellow Binmaleyan. For a brief moment, we chatted while waiting for other guests, including Congressman Mark Cojuangco, Board Member Shiela Baniqued, her husband former BM Angel Jr., along with former BM Von Mark Mendoza, to join.

Here comes the revelation.

During Kuya Sam’s speech, he made an announcement that had been circulating in Binmaley—the talk of his exciting comeback. Many, especially his supporters, have been encouraging him to reclaim his previous post. Given his current focus on mourning the loss of his wife, Ate Grace, his return adds an interesting twist.

I’ve previously expressed my sadness about the stormy political climate in my beloved Binmaley, particularly between the executive and legislative branches. It’s disheartening, something I’m not proud of. I distanced myself and declined invitations to press conferences, questioning the situation until a realization struck me.

My friendship with Kuya Sam and the late Ate Grace spans three decades and is sealed by affinity. Witnessing his struggles and achievements, I recall the days when they welcomed me into their QC residence.

I marveled at how Kuya Sam transformed Binmaley, turning it into a town we, true-blooded Binmaleyans, could be genuinely proud of. The infrastructures that now define the town were erected under his leadership.

However, good things sometimes come to an end, as the saying goes. Kuya Sam bade farewell to his mayoralty position in 2022.

At 75, the itch for politics persists. Kuya Sam, bitten by the political bug, feels the heat in his heart to reclaim his old post. His long-time vice mayor, Edgar Mamenta, present at the birthday party, hints at something brewing for Binmaley next year.

Their body language confirms it. Their words reaffirm what many in Binmaley have been discussing.

Yes, Kuya Sam and Itaktak mo Mamenta are back in each other’s arms.

We await further solid proof, anticipating varied reactions from different corners of Binmaley. Some might not be thrilled, and that’s to be expected.

I’m not proud of the state of our electorate during elections. I hope for a change in mentality, where performance and attitude take precedence when choosing our leaders.

Our future is at stake.

Makauley ki lad tan nu tangay tangay kayo!

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