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By March 30, 2024Newsy News

By Eva C. Visperas


WHEN he talked, everyone listened.

Naturally, everyone listens, especially because he is one of the wealthiest individuals in the Philippines. Ranked at number 4 on Forbes’ list of the country’s richest, Ramon S. Ang  (RSA) commands attention with his $3.4 billion fortune.

His business acumen is highly respected, and when he speaks, it’s with genuine sincerity. Down-to-earth and devoid of pretense, his words easily connect with people from all walks of life.

It was my second time to see and hear him in person last March 15 when he returned to Pangasinan for the groundbreaking of the Pangasinan Link Expressway (PLEx) project.

After watching his interview with Ka Tunying on YouTube six months prior, I found myself drawn to his wisdom and leadership.

RSA exudes a charisma that garners admiration, even from ordinary individuals like myself. Simple in attire, devoid of arrogance, profoundly intelligent in business, and approachable—a rare combination.

RSA shared anew his thoughts during the groundbreaking ceremony of the P34-billion PLEx  project to be undertaken by his company, the San Miguel Corporation, at no cost to the Pangasinan provincial government.

The event was in Barangay Balligi in Laoac town. From the pilgrimage town of Manaoag, we easily found our way to the venue.  Road preparation, obviously, has started. It was quietly done.

We thought the project program had yet to start with the laying of time capsule like most groundbreaking ceremonies do. But this one was different. Just the unveiling of marker, speeches RSA, Gov. Ramon Guico III and Vice Gov. Mark Lambino.

Let me focus on RSA’s unscripted speech. Speaking in Filipino, he narrated that he was looking for a land along the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEx) where he could construct rest area or rest rooms, etc. for travelers’ convenience.

The last time he did so, according to him, it was priced at P15,000 per sq.m.

He questioned the consolidator’s offer, as the price was high, already close to Manila’s price. He said it used to be P300 only per sqm. but since the expressway was constructed, the price of land had skyrocketed.

He remembered the offer of his friend from Paniqui, Tarlac who kept on convincing him to construct a feed mill in his area. It was T was only P200 per sqm., and it was 86 hectares big.

He tried to get reconnected with him lately and asked if he would still be interested to sell that lot. Negative. He sold five hectares of that lot for P10,000 per sqm. Obviously, the guy will just bide his time and wait for the best price, higher than P10,000.

He also mentioned the swamp land, fishpond with no access on which the Bulacan airport will be constructed. It was P50,000 per hectare 15 years ago. His latest purchase was already priced P10-million per hectare.

Transitioning to the Pangasinan project, RSA echoed Governor Monmon’s sentiments regarding the PLEx’s transformative impact on the province. Predicting improved lives and increased investor interest, he highlighted Pangasinan’s strategic advantages, including its flat terrain, refreshing air, and proximity to major seaports.

“…lalong gaganda ang buhay nyo, dadagsain kayo ng lahat ng investors, whether they’re from the Philippines or foreign investors, dahil alam  nyo kung bakit Pangasinan ang pwedeng puntahan? Kasi po itong Pangasinan, flat land, ang ganda ng simoy ng hangin dito tsaka malapit din po tayo sa malalaking seaport,” RSA said, also citing plans to build an airport and develop big seaports.

“…pag mangyari yun maniwala kayo, lalo hong sisikat nang husto itong Pangasinan,” RSA predicts.

Who wouldn’t agree to that? RSA is already seeing the glorious years of Pangasinan. Let’s get ready and embrace the opportunities ahead!

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