Conversations with Pangasinan’s First Lady

By March 24, 2024Newsy News

By Eva C. Visperas


I had the pleasure of engaging in a delightful conversation with none other than Pangasinan’s esteemed First Lady, the affable and charming Maan Tuazon-Guico.

I was part of a media group that interviewed Ma’am Maan, as she is called by many Capitol employees, as part of the Press Presentation and sashing for the 20 lovely candidates for Limgas na Pangasinan 2024 held at the Monarch Hotel on March 17.

I remember having my first close encounter with her last year in the same event plus an interview with her and her hubby Gov. Monmon. But last Sunday’s was an informal talk, parang barkadahan lang na usapan, light and easy. This informal exchange felt like a casual chat among friends, where topics flowed effortlessly and spirits were light.

She reflected on the grandeur of the 2023 Limgas pageant and acknowledged the overwhelming response it received. Let’s give credit where credit is due. The 2023 Limgas pageant was extravagantly beautiful that elicited wows from the audience. I was there and stayed throughout for the first time, despite the grueling three-hour or more presentation.

But lessons learned, said Ma’am Maan, as she thanked those who appreciated her efforts in handling big events of the province from the Limgas, to the SOPA, Lingayen Gulf Landings anniversary, Banaán Museum opening, and a lot more.

She recalled the long Limgas pageant night, highlighted by cultural presentations, with dancers embodying the cultures and traditions in Pangasinan through their synchronized steps and moves, their bedazzling costumes and make-up that enhanced their beauty.

Even most-sought hosts were amazed, noting how Pangasinan’s Limgas search fared much better than the most popular beauty pageant in the country.

But Madam Maan, was apologetic for the long program and promised to trim down the hours in a packed yet exciting Limgas 2024 pageant. Preparations are again in full swing for Pangasinan’s biggest gathering of people from all walks of life to honor the beauty of the sea and thank God’s graces for its bounties.

However, the event was not what I intended to ask Madam Maan when I asked permission from Pangasinan’s workaholic PIMRO chief, Dhobie D, for an interview. The request was granted but no other topics, we were told.

I needed details about the unexpected turn of events about her transfer of voter registration, from Binalonan to Urdaneta City, last week, that sparked intrigues and speculations about her political aspirations.

So, what’s brewing there? I smell something.

You see, Madam Maan was accompanied by her husband Gov. Monmon, father-in-law Congressman Monching Guico Jr., Vice Gov. Mark Lambino and others when she went to the Comelec office.

The blooming first lady, with baby bump on her tummy now at six months, is obviously preparing for something big for herself and the people of Urdaneta City.

The light banter went on and on and on but media colleagues did not muster enough courage to ask her: Are you running for mayor of Urdaneta?

No one dared.

I tried twice, indirectly, leading to that question, but how could I not be persistent for the needed answer when she just gave back her sweet look and smile?

Eventually,  the discussion shifted to  the issue… but was for off the record.

The ever-loyal Vice Gov. Mark Lambino and his wife Atty. Melanie Lambino also joined us during the conversation with the first lady. (Madam Maan and Atty. Lanie are best friends, often seen together doing their charitable works). By the way, Atty. Lanie is also reportedly preparing herself for a big role in her hometown Mangaldan this coming election.

For now, we’ll just have to wait more months onward to October for the facts to unfold.

Exciting chapter in Pangasinan’s political landscape!

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