A manager’s malpractice

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Contributed by Ashok G. Vasandani


Here’s a story I read in www.moral-shortstory.blogspot.com that I’d like to share, something that we can all learn from.

THE proprietor of a large construction company had a dishonest manager who used fraudulent means to cheat the customers and make money for himself. He used to manipulate the accounts, used raw materials of poor quality and neglected the design, technical specifications and workmanship to make unauthorized personal profit. The proprietor had full confidence in the manager and gave him complete control in the concern.

One day, the proprietor told the manager that he was proceeding on a tour of many foreign countries and would return only after several months. He asked the manager to undertake the construction of a new house for the proprietor using the best materials  and workmanship available.

The wicked manager decided to betray the proprietor and make a fortune. He used the cheapest construction materials of the lowest quality and completed the construction at a fast pace. He ignored the technical specifications and quality in every aspect of the construction – design, foundation, materials, masonry, plumbing, wiring, carpentry, plastering and painting but gave an attractive and appealing appearance to the final structure. He withdrew a very large sum of money from the proprietor’s account giving false and exaggerated statements about the expenditure.

When the proprietor returned from abroad, the manager was ready to receive him at the airport. He escorted the proprietor to the new house and ceremoniously handed over the keys to the proprietor. The proprietor thanked the manager for completing the construction in a short period and embraced him. The proprietor told him, “You may keep the keys with you. I am giving this house and the surrounding land to you as my special gift to you in recognition of your splendid services to me and our establishment.”

The manager could not believe these words. He never expected to receive such a gift. He was afraid to occupy the new house as he was fully aware of the poor quality of its construction. He was in a real dilemma. He felt sorry for his fraudulent practices.

Honesty is the best policy. It is a good rule that we should be faithful and truthful in every action – both big and small.

Jesus taught the golden rule of Christianity, “Do for others just  what you want them to do for you”{ Luke 6: 31, Matthew  7:12} 

SOURCE: http://moral-shortstory.blogspot.com/2012/#.YR9Jro4zbqU

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