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By February 11, 2024Andromeda's Vortex

By Farah G. Decano


THE UniTeam is self-destructing but everything is not over yet.

Whilst hostilities between the Philippines’ top two political families escalated two weeks ago, President Ferdinand R.  Marcos Jr. and Vice President Sara Duterte continue to maintain a friendly front with the former recently calling himself the bff (best friend forever) of the latter.

Their persisting show of alliance despite grave accusations of one camp against the other seems to become stranger each passing day.  It is so uncharacteristic of a good Filipino daughter to continue working closely with a man her father openly despises. That VP Sara still serves as cabinet secretary seems to mean that she is absolving BBM of the charges raised against him by former president Rodrigo Duterte. She must remember that her father’s contempt for the younger Marcos is not based on superficial reasons such as his incorrigible stuttering or his love for concerts.  The very public accusations of the older Duterte against BBM are serious – drug dependence or addiction.

All the more, a loving daughter should turn her back against BBM when the latter retaliated and insinuated her father’s loose grip of reality because of his alleged use of Fentanyl.  In the Philippines, an attack against the patriarch is normally seen as an attack against the entire clan, the daughter included.

Obviously, VP Sara is no ordinary Filipino daughter.  She is the Vice President of our country.  Being a member of the cabinet will give her unrestricted presence and relevance in governance.  She can actually make as many pretty points as she wants.  In fact, she is now wooing public educators by suggesting increases in their salaries.  Further, she most likely wants to keep her enemies close so that she can stay within their circle.  The VP’s continued public declaration of support for Marcos Jr. is probably her strategy to win the latter’s voters in the 2028 elections against her perceived rival, Speaker Martin Romualdez.

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Another curious personality is Senator Imee Marcos who projects herself as VP Sara’s ever protective ate.  She was with the VP in the anti-Marcos “prayer” rally in Davao where her presidential brother was publicly castigated. During the assembly, VP Sara’s youngest brother, Mayor Baste, even blatantly asked BBM to resign.  How she was able to withstand hearing all these attacks against her own flesh and blood demonstrated either her self-control or her insensitivity.  Like any staunch supporter, the presidential sister does not hesitate to bash VP Sara’s archnemesis, the senator’s own cousin, Speaker Martin Romualdez.  She also openly thumbs down the latter’s Charter Change initiative, a move that is opposed by the Dutertes.   

Many Marcos supporters are now in a quandary why Senator Imee seems to be kinder to the Dutertes.  They may have forgotten that the woman senator is not only the sister of BBM.  She is also a politician.  As a politico, she must be able to harmonize various interests.  Obviously, she wants to save the UniTeam. 

 She tried.  However, she got burned in the process.   While she is able to successfully refocus the target of the Duterte minions from her brother to her cousin Speaker Romualdez, her strategy to assuage the Marcos supporters for the diatribe received by her brother fell flat on her face.  When Senator Imee admitted to the media that Mayor Baste apologized to her for publicly asking BBM to resign, the younger Duterte and called Senator Imee’s press release as mere “drama.”

  Looks like Marcos vs. Duterte is in for the long haul.  Popcorn, anyone?  I want mine with melted butter please.

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