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The seeming unending saga of Trump

By Al S. Mendoza


THE Trump truck of tricks keeps on rolling.  It’s getting even worse.

Only last Wednesday, January 6, Trump’s trumpeters stormed the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., America’s capital.

You know what Capitol Hill represents?

It houses both America’s Senate and House of Representatives.

It is the bastion of the world’s greatest democracy.

It symbolizes everything about man’s freedom to speak, to choose creed or belief, and to move without fear of reprisal or getting stopped.

It is where the world’s direction was basically charted by supposed global leaders elected freely by a people supposedly steeped in the democratic processes.

Isn’t America the First World’s first front liner in virtually everything, from sanity to a life of milk and honey—eternally?

And yet only last Wednesday, an American mob, tricked by their own leaders drunk with political greed, barged through police ranks, broke doors and windows and breached the premises of Capitol Hill.

Their evil-laden purpose?

Block Joe Biden’s proclamation of victory by a joint Congress-in-session in his duel with Donald Trump last November 3.

Biden won overwhelmingly by more than seven million in the popular polls and by a decisive 306-232 in the Electoral College votes.

By January 20, Biden will be America’s 46th president.

But instead of Trump peaceably accepting the will of the people as other losers did before him in keeping with the rich tradition of American political history, he fiercely fought the outcome —and continues to do so with savage senselessness yet as to scour the beastly instincts of man with inflammatory statements bent to fuel violence and lawlessness.

Tragically, in the aftermath of Wednesday’s madness-laden assault of Capitol Hill, four died—with one woman shot to death and three others succumbing to health emergencies.

What a waste.

The world mourns their passing as well as the death of peace in the world’s vanguard of everything good—all because of one man’s absurd tenacity to cling on to power stripped from him by a people fed up with his lies and lame leadership.

“Sad day for a world that believes in America,” said Ed Pamintuan, the former mayor of Angeles City.

Rep. Dan Kildee, a Democrat from Michigan, told CNN: “I can never again look in the eye my [seven] colleagues who voted to block the election of Joe Biden.”

Who would have imagined that a man like Trump, just a laughable, filthy rich TV reality show nut, could win the presidential nomination on his first attempt at a political post?

And after he did it, did the world really believe he’d defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016?

OK, he had the last laugh.

But after Trump had finally met his match in Biden, why is he still bedeviling the moment—like the crazed Nero dancing to the flames of his towering inferno that was Rome?

Chroniclers could only wish this freak of history—this tramp is Trump?—would be the last from Belzebul’s tribe.

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