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Be happy when none is received in return

By Al S. Mendoza


NEW Year.  New life.  New approach.

There is always a New Year but there will never be a New God.

Our God is forever.

Now to simply forget the just-ended year could send us repeating the same mistakes again.

For, to be able to move forward is to first know our past.

No, let us not dwell on the past.

Instead, let us dig on the past, because it will help us discern today much better.

The just-ended 2020 wasn’t that good, yes.

We lived in fear.

We lost dear friends, even loved ones.

We felt threatened ourselves.

At times, we were like headless chickens—not knowing what to do, not being able to have a full grasp of the situation.

We kept asking:  What’s happening?

Suddenly, it appeared, dangerously and eerily, that no one seemed safe anymore.

But God did not forsake us.

The virus was for real.  It can maim.  It can knock you down.  It can kill.

It hurt us so bad, the COVID-19 viciously inflicting so much harm on mankind.

Millions worldwide had been infected—and counting.

And millions also were unable to survive the pandemic—and many more pushed close to death.

But then, despite the miseries and sufferings, we need not fret—continuously.

To us being saved, healthy as ever, let us learn from this health crisis.

It is not simply that we must follow safety protocols:

One, wash hands, frequently.

Two, touch not our face, especially our eyes, nose and mouth.

Three, maintain at least a distance of six feet from the person nearest you.

Avoid crowds.

Avoid doing trips that aren’t necessary.

Stay at home as much as you can.

But never forget: As in 2020 as to 2021, pray to whoever is your God might be.

Only He (or She maybe?) can heal us, make our world right—again.

We might have been “naughty and not nice” that is why God punished us in 2020?

Perhaps.  Yes or not, repent.  Mend you ways.  Be generous.  Give more and be happy when none is received in return.

Stop complaining in the new life of 2021.

Instead, we must continue keeping the faith, continue to trust, and surrender always to the will of the Mighty One.

Approach 2021 with open arms, as in soaking in the rain is tantamount to willingly accepting God’s grace.

It is painful, why not, seeing our beautiful world turned into what it was in 2020—almost being transformed into hell.

But, as we love to say, God has His reason. Always.

We do not have any clue, almost always, as to why He has done it, why He is still doing it.

We just need to believe:  He has done it, He is doing it, for a reason.

Question it and you’ll go astray.

We may not know His reason—as we frequently do—but then, we must keep on reassuring ourselves that, in the end, that after all this wailing and agony, it’d be for the good of all.

He’d always will it His way.  Because His way is the only way.

Happy New Year with your new life on a path nurtured by a God-guided approach.

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