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By January 18, 2021G Spot, Opinion

The man from the sky

By Virginia Jasmin Pasalo


THERE are times when the body and the mind cooperate not to cooperate. Today for example, my body wanted to remain inside the bedsheets, when it was time for me to water the plants. After watering the plants, I should be able to start on the article for my column, but my mind also wanted to “not think” for a change. For an hour, I gave in to this capricious demand, which made me sleep. I dragged my feet to water the plants and to write my article, except that, I was doing them in a dream. It was already four o’clock in the morning.

I rushed to water the plants, and asked the stars, “Send me an inspiration, I have to write something!”

And then there was your face. In the cool, dark morning, I start to get warm, a reassuring embrace that gave a starting point, “Hi, can I come in?”

I know you, I have known you since the beginning of time. There is no physical manifestation, but I feel your energy just as much. Einstein’s E = mc2, the energy and mass (matter) are but different forms of the same thing.

I see you as this energy that is present, undefined, evoking powerful feelings of attachment that occupies and takes over my consciousness, and to which I fully surrender.

I begin to tell you how I missed you. I tell you about the passing clouds in the dark skies and the empty streets where I stand. Some birds start to sing together, the roosters greet each other, and I can hear the distant sound of an airplane slowly cruising the space somewhere in the vast sky.

“Life is sad”, you say, and all these theories about life being beautiful are just artificial theories to cope with the sadness. You are right in many ways, but the universe is in perfect balance. For every negative energy/matter, there is an equivalent positive one. For every sadness there is an equivalent happiness, a state of dynamic equilibrium due to the equal action of opposing energies.


The man from the sky

I touch your face, gently

and caress it

between the palm of my hands

planting a kiss, in your sad eyes,

the bridge of your nose

opening, bit by bit

bite by bite, your very tight lips


slowly, your face warms into a smile

your eyes plow deeper into mine

there we see, eternal truths

fuse together, laugh

and live a while.

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