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By January 29, 2018Opinion, Random Thoughts

FINALLY, A CURFEW ON MINORS –  I am glad to hear that the curfew for minors in Dagupan City is now being enforced in full swing in Dagupan City by the police under P/Supt. Jandale Sulit and the barangays.

It is about time minors be made to stay home and under the loving care of their parents during the ungodly hours of the night.  Sayang naman if we don’t enforce strictly the city ordinance imposing curfew for minors in the city.

Are we not a perennial national finalist in the search for child-friendly city? It must be the need for a serious implementation of the curfew for minors that we lack that keeps us from hitting the jackpot in the national search.

The young ones should be kept off the streets during the night. This is one way of protecting them from bad elements and people who exploit their adolescent minds by making them drug carriers or beggar for alms.

There were reports that some minors are usually in the Magsaysay market as early as dawn to steal fish from early market-goers and from the vendors, reportedly under the direction of some elders if not by a syndicate.

Of course, the minors caught in the streets during the ungodly hours, will not be put in the slammer like ordinary criminals because we have a law that exempts minors from criminal offenses.

As one kagawad said on radio, the minors found loitering in the streets will be escorted to their respective homes and endorsed to their parents and guardians.

However, I support the idea of imposing a fine on parents whose kids are violating the curfew.

But the city under Mayor Belen must not stop there. If the minors are homeless, the city should care for them by housing them in one center under the care of social workers where they can be guided to lead a good life and also spiritually to become good citizens.

For the city to be more child-friendly, it should send these waifs back to school and be ready to bankroll all their needs.

Who knows, the waifs that we helped today will turn professionals and be our leaders in the city of tomorrow.  – Leonardo Micua


THE BAN ON COCKFIGHTING GOV’T OFFICIALS –  This topic is hot among “lo dies, lo dies” people since it affects some government workers and yes, high ranking officials.

Is it true they are banned from cockpit arenas?

This question was the focus of discussion of a small group that included Board Members Raul Sison, Jun Tulagan, Inquirer reporter Ging Cardinoza and this corner during a huddle prior to the start of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s regular session on Jan. 22.

There were photos posted in the Facebook account of a certain Jin Sinkara Xiu (a self-confessed Duterte diehard) showing policemen posting tarpaulins in Tatang’s Coliseum at New Bongabon, Nueva Ecija warning all government officials and employees that they are strictly prohibited from gambling in cockpit arenas and violators will be arrested.

Is the prohibition nationwide? Or is it a ban by a local ordinance?

I remember there is a memorandum banning government employees in casino.

Does it also apply to cockpit arenas? If so, what about those not betting but acting as bet manager in cockpit arena like Bokal Raul Sison? Will they also be banned?

Highly reliable sources whispered to me that the likes of Bokal Raul working as bet manager gets very good “talent/skills fee”, something that makes him earn easily six to seven-digit amount during international derby.

I remember Bokal Raul telling me he makes millions working as bet manager. He is now torn between being a board member or as bet manager. He said he will ask the opinion of the Department of Interior and Local Government. Mahirap na, he said.

Baka maubusan ng parokyano ang mga sabungan lalo na sa mga probinsya, commented another board member.

The source said cockpit arenas have become second home to some barangay, municipal and provincial officials. Worse, some of them stay there during office hours.

Still, there are number of them who operate cockpit arenas. Will they be also covered by the ban? Of course, they can ask their boys to do the betting for them inside cockpit arenas during derby but I am told some feel they have to do it themselves because of a different kind of satisfaction it gives them.

Banning government workers is one way to prevent corruption since it’s likely that the money they bet may have come from government coffers, not from their personal pockets. I get this opinion from some coffee buddies.

But others say gambling has nothing to do with corruption since there are more workers and officials out there who are not cockfight aficionados but are so inherently corrupt.

But there is also exception to this. I also know of many sabungeros who are honorable men.

I was told they are like that in cockfights. They honor what they say, even by mere sign language alone. There is no escaping. If they lose, they pay. —Eva Visperas

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