Two Mangaldan councilors get death threats

By December 5, 2022Peace and Order

TWO young councilors of Mangaldan town each received death threat from a still unknown text message sender on December 1 warning them that they would be shot for an unspecified reason.

In his post on Facebook using his own account the next day, Councilor Aldrin Soriano of Mangaldan revealed the text message threatening his life came from a number not listed in his phone.

The message reads in bold letters, all capitalized stated ”BINBABALAAQN KO KAU NG STFF  MU. MY SASAMPELAN DW N COUN. AT STAFF BKA KAYOY MABARIL.”

Soriano initially thought the message was another scam but when he opened it again, he realized it was a threat on his life. He immediately went to the Mangaldan police to have the message recorded in the police blotter.

Councilor Soriano later learned that her fellow councilor, Judy Frialde, received a similar text earlier in the day. He has yet to ask his other fellow councilors if they also received similar text threats.

Soriano believes the motive is about their work as councilors of Mangaldan. Soriano is the chairperson of the committee in appropriations and ways and means while Frialde is the vice chairperson.

Soriano called on the PNP, NBI to trace the sender/s of the death threats. (Leonardo Micua)

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