Fish vendor stabbed by drinking partner

By July 31, 2022Peace and Order

A fish vendor who was stabbed by his drinking partner who went amok and stabbed him on Sunday night, July 24, was rushed to the hospital with critical wounds.

The victim, Kevin Mahilom, 25, was having a drinking spree with friends including suspect Osmundo Barboza, both residents of Barangay Poblacion in Sual town

The suspect, due to drunkenness, challenged Mahilom to a fistfight, then went amok and left the group.

Unexpectedly, Barboza returned, armed with a knife, and stabbed Mahilom.

Barboza was immediately arrested by responding police.

While Barboza, allegedly, does not have any recollection of events which led to the incident he is being charged with the crime of frustrated homicide. (Ahikam Pasion)

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