More rabies cases noted in Dagupan

By May 20, 2024Inside News

SUPPLY of anti-rabies vaccines in Dagupan City is running low for a good reason.

Dr. Ophelia Rivera, Dagupan City health officer, said the supply of anti-rabies vaccines has dropped after more residents  seek inoculation at the City Health Office (CHO).

CHO records show that 4,523 animal bites have been recorded, compared to last year’s 4,037 over the same period.

There are 200 to 250 patients being vaccinated regularly for anti-rabies every week, however, the number of patients has doubled during the last week of April.

Dr. Rivera attributed the increase in cases the hot weather when pets, such as dogs and cats become more aggressive.

Rivera said her office is constantly replenishing its supply and reminds parents and pet owners to handle their pets with care, and if possible, make their living areas comfortable to prevent them from being aggravated. (Ahikam Pasion)

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