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Formal complaint vs. premature campaigners needed 

THE City Election Office in Dagupan admitted that it already received several complaints, albeit verbally, as regards premature campaigning by candidates in the coming Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE).

City Elections Registrar Michael Sarmiento said his office cannot act on the complaints against candidates who reportedly made premature campaigning unless they come forward and file formal complaints under oath, and filed at the City Elections Office or Department of Justice.

Sarmiento’s office is preparing for the holding of public forums in barangays to enable candidates to discuss their platforms before their constituents.

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Only few retailers in Dagupan selling rice with price cap

MANY households in Dagupan City admit they don’t feel the good impact of the price ceiling of regular-milled rice at P41 per kilo and well-milled rice at P45 per kilo in compliance with the President’s Executive Order No. 39.

The reason for this sentiment is that there are only a few retailers in the markets selling regular milled and well milled rice and, therefore, have no choice but to continue buying the high-priced premium rice which are still aplenty in the markets. Consequently, consumers are forced to reduce their budget for fish, meat, vegetable and groceries.

Nevertheless, they thanked President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for issuing the price cap on rice for the benefit of the poor wage earners.

But they said they will thank him more if he could cut the price of rice to P20 per kilo, as was his promise during his campaign for the presidency.

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Pangasinan runs out of COVID-19 vaccines 

SORRY, but there are no more free COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots in Pangasinan that could be dispensed to those in need.

IFM Dagupan discovered through information from health workers in charge of vaccination that they already ran out of Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines. The health workers in Dagupan are hoping that the DOH regional office will soon replenish their supply.

COVID-19 vaccination remains as a requirement in entry or travel some countries.

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Alaminos city gov’t raise P50k reward for the arrest of attempted rape suspect

THE Alaminos City government pledged a P50,000 as reward to whoever can lead law enforcers to the suspect who attempted to rape his 29-year-old woman passenger, repeatedly stabbed her after failing his rape attempt.

The suspect was identified as one Jimmy Magsano, a native of Dasol town, who on the night of September 4, 2023, allegedly committed the crime.

Magsano fled after stabbing the victim, leaving her bleeding in various parts of her body. She was rushed by rescuers to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The city government is hopeful that the reward money will speed up and eventually lead to the srrest of the suspect.

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Tomatoes now sell like ‘gold’ in Dagupan markets 

THE price per kilo of tomato this week in the markets of Dagupan City is already P160 per kilo, from only P25 to P30 per kilo a few months ago.

Vegetable vendors said tomatoes can be sold for P120 per kilo last week.

Vendors said they seldom find tomatoes being brought in by farmers to bagsakan markets in Udaneta and Villasis since September is not really the season for tomatoes. It is the short supply, they said, that triggered the prohibitive price of tomatoes per kilo.

“The only tomatoes being brought to bagsakan markets nowadays are those coming from the uplands and grown by farmers in greenhouses”, said one of the vendors.

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