Given a chance, Belen will restore W2W project

By November 28, 2021Inside News

THE Waste to Work project, seen as a final solution to the more than 60-year-old garbage problem of Dagupan, will be among those on top of the agenda of former Mayor Belen Fernandez when she returns to her old post in July 2022.

This was bared by Fernandez as she called it unfortunate that the incumbent city administration thumbed down the project although it is an 11 million dollar project without a single centavo contribution from the city government.

In a talk over radio station DWPR, Fernandez recalled that the project will convert existing plastic wastes of the city into 6,000 liters of diesel fuel and food wastes coming from households, restaurants and markets into 4,000 kilograms of usable methane gas.

Initiated by Procter and Gamble with its partner Sure Global, the project was pushed by former Mayor Fernandez during her term to finally do away with the garbage dumpsite in Bonuan located just a few meters away from the beach.

Jill Boughton, CEO of Sure Global, was in Dagupan two years ago to plead with the Brian Lim administration to give way to the project but her appeals merely fell on deaf ears.

Boughton assured that the W2W project is environment-friendly and will be operated using strict environmental controls and guidelines ensuring the safety of the air, land and water.

The project was given as a grant to Dagupan City after then Mayor Fernandez was invited to speak during a World Ocean Conservancy Summit in Chile, which was attended by world leaders like Prince Charles of Great Britain, then U.S. Secretary John Kerry and many others, where she bared the environmental problems that was besetting Dagupan. (Leonardo Micua)

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