4 persons file complaint vs Calasiao mayor’s wife for alleged investment scam

By September 17, 2023Crime Notes

FOUR individuals reported to the Calasiao Police Station on September 5, 2023, against the wife of the town mayor after they invested a huge sum of money for a business scheme but she allegedly went into hiding after that.

The complainants are Jovert Francisco Choi, 40, Toyota sales agent, resident of Barangay Amagbagan, Pozorrubio; Mark Anthony Pardo, 35, Toyota sales agent, resident of Barangay Bantayan, Mangaldan; Karmjet Llentada, 37, businesswoman, resident of Barangay Tuliao, Sta. Barbara and Lee Ann Ungria, 31, housewife, resident of Barangay Ambonao, Calasiao.

A report signed by Police Staff Sgt. Diosdado Tucay, desk officer of Calasiao Police Station, said that the complainants came to the town police station and requested to put on record that they invested money to “Ms. Sheila T. Macanlalay, resident of Barangay Bued, Calasiao.”

Choi claimed he invested P2-million on March 28, 2023; Pardo invested P500,000 on March 27, 2023; Llentada invested P1,300,000 on different dates since Dec. 7 , 2022 until May 17, 2023 and Ungria invested P2,300,000 on different dates since January 21, 2022 until March 14, 2023.

“Further, Ms. Macanlalay allegedly promised a corresponding monthly interest income from their respective investments which they actually received during the succeeding months, however, they failed to receive their interest income on the month of May 2023 and June 2023 up to present,” the excerpt from the police blotter said.

Moreover, Ms. Macanlalay issued checks from Unionbank under Keroquima Enterprises account name representing the payment for principal amount and interest income for their respective investments but the checks turned out to have insufficient fund and later on became closed account, it added.

It also stated that the complainants tried to reach out to Macanlalay to respond to their complaint but she was nowhere to be found on the last week of May 2023 and she just kept on promising to settle their investments through phone calls and private messages despite repeated demands. (Eva Visperas)

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