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By November 6, 2022Crime Notes

By Leonardo Micua

Man falls in San Jacinto drug buy-bust 

A man in the short list of illegal drugs was arrested by a joint police team in a buy-bust operation on November 1 in San Jacinto town.

Suspect Navil Saranga, 23, of Nibaliw, Mangaldan sold one sachet containing more or less 0.08 grams of shabu worth P544 to an undercover police officer.

Confiscated from Saranga’s possession was another sachet of shabu containing .010 valued  at P680 and the P500 marked money used in the buy-bust operation.

A case for violation of Sections 5 and 11 of Republic Act 9165 is being readied by the police against the suspect.

*          *          *          *

Suspected woman scammer nabbed in entrapment operation

A woman scammer was arrested in an entrapment operation conducted by the Manaoag  police on October 31 following a chat on the internet with her intended victim.

The suspect, who first introduced herself as Lyn Acosta but whose real name is actually Janelle Marie Barrozo, 23, tried to convince via chat one John Cancillar, 22, to invest huge amount of money that will give him 40 percent interest in a month’s time.

The two agreed to meet in front of the Manaoag town hall at around 10 pm for Cancillar to hand over the money and sign the investment agreement. Suspecting that it was a scammer he was dealing with, Cancilar alerted the Manaoag police.

When Barrozo arrived on board a motorcycle driven by her male companion, she approached Cancillar and identified herself as Lyn Acosta.

At that juncture, the police approached Barrozo and arrested her. Her unnamed male companion managed to run leaving the motorcycle. She will be charged for violation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2021.

*          *          *          *

Septuagenarian creating trouble arrested 

A septuagenarian was arrested in Barangay San Jose, Anda on October 30 shortly after he was reported creating trouble toting a home-made 1-gauge shotgun.

The suspect was identified as Plemo Ragudos, 71, farmer, of Barangay San Jose, Anda.

Responding policemen talked to Ragudos using an alternative recording device and calmed him down. The old man later surrendered his home-made shot gun, and a sling bag containing three ammunition for 12-gauge shot gun.

Ragudos was later brought to the Bolinao Community Hospital for examination before he was lodged at the Anda police jail.

*          *          *          *

Two men nabbed for illegal logging, possession of firearm

A man and his helper were arrested for illegal logging in Labrador on October 30 but found themselves in deeper trouble when a revolver with two live ammunition in its chamber was accidentally seen by the police inside the compartment of the motorized tricycle just as the driver was opening it to get his driving license.

The suspects, identified as Jose Enrique, 59, of Barangay Magtaking, Labrador, and his helper, Mario Fernandez, 42, of Magsaysay, Labrador, were flagged down by policemen manning a checkpoint after they saw their tricycle were loaded with 30 assorted sawn coconut lumber valued at P15,000.

Aside from facing a case for Violation of P.D. No. 705 (Forestry Reform Code  of the Philippines, they will face another charge for Violation of RA 10591 (Illegal possession of firearms  and ammunition).

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