Police nab ‘live-show’ performers during motor show in Tayug

By September 5, 2022Crime Notes

THREE male dancers and two personnel of an event organizer were arrested by the Tayug Police after performing lewd dances in the nude.

The incident prompted the Tayug’s municipal government headed by Mayor Tyrone Agabas to strongly denounce the lewd performance of male dancers during a motor show held in the town last Saturday, August 27.

In a statement released on Sunday, August 28, Agabas said Thai Low Productions, the organizer of the motor show, blatantly violated the terms and conditions of the permit issued by allowing dance performers engage in sexually perverse actions.

A video post on Facebook that had since been removed, showed five male dancers gyrating on the stage, and eventually removed their underwear and exposed their private parts to the audience.

The police in the area managed to arrest three of the dancers and two of the organizer’s personnel.

“Wala itong puwang sa disente at mapayapang bayan ng Tayug. Kailanman ay hindi natin kukunsintihin ang mga ganitong gawain”, said Agabas in a statement. (Ahikam Pasion)

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