Man shot by brod-in-law over land dispute

By August 7, 2022Crime Notes

A 69-year-old man in Urdaneta City sustained bullet wounds after he was shot by his own brother-in-law during an altercation on Wednesday night, August 3.

Victim Alberto Bacer rushed to the house of William Alberva, 71, to confront the latter, both residents of Barangay Nancayasan in Urdaneta City, about a land issue in the family.

In the altercation that ensued, Bacer almost hurt his siter, Hermelina Alberva, and this further angered her husband who took his gun and shot the victim twice in the leg and the back.

Bacer was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, while Alberva ran away, but was eventually arrested by authorities following a hot pursuit operation.

A caliber 38 revolver was confiscated in Alberva’s custody, along with two live ammos, and one knife.

Police report says the altercation stemmed from a land dispute among the in-laws in Barangay Lupon, same city. (Ahikam Pasion)

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