Lingayen dad scammed by fake delivery

By August 7, 2022Crime Notes

A municipal councilor in Lingayen town was victimized by scammers through an online food delivery service.

Councilor Ricardo ‘Katdong’ Ferrer’s staff was surprised to receive food orders of pancit sisig, pancit palabok, chicken wings, liquors and even a receipt for a cellphone load.

The two separate deliveries sent to his office cost him almost P5,000.

Ferrer denied making any orders or deliveries but paid nonetheless because he knew that the riders that delivered the order would end up paying if he didn’t.

The Lingayen Municipal Information Office reported that a still unknown individual used Councilor Ferrer’s name in making fake orders to a delivery company.

Authorities are now tracking the number used by the perpetrator.

Meanwhile, authorities warned that persons caught scamming people via fake orders would face the consequences if caught.

Business establishments and owners were also urged to verify transactions for deliveries before acting on the orders, and to immediately report incidents of fake orders to the police. (Ahikam Pasion)

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