COVID-19 caused by pollution, not virus, say

By April 26, 2021Inside News, News

NOTING what many doctors are now saying that COVID-19 is airborne, an inventor from Pozorrubio town maintains the same, the virus being airborne but deviated in one aspect: that virus is actually caused by trillion tons of tiny particles of coal deposited in the atmosphere for ages.

Jaime Imbat, inventor of a  COVID-19 medicine he called Sonyas Plems which he applied for accreditation with responsible government agencies, accused the World Health Organization. (WHO) of withholding this fact that it already knew that COVID-19 is airborne.

He said these tiny particles emitted into the air by coal power plants and even factories and machines, are the white pulverized lime, the key component in the manufacture of cement, which are now floating in earth’s atmosphere.

Once this is inhaled by people, it blocks the passage of oxygen in their bodies, and in the process infects their throat, lungs, kidney and other vital organs and if it gets into the blood vessel, it can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks, said Imbat, however, without citing his clinical basis.

Imbat claimed that the vaccines for COVID-19 such as Sinovac, AstraZeneca and others, could not dissolve the tiny objects inhaled by body through the nose but instead these vaccines could enhance a serious condition like  blood clotting.

“World War III has actually started. We face an enemy without an army and without commanders or leaders. World inhabitants are living in a very dangerous situation as the enemy is now in their bodies,” Imbat declared.

Imbat said he invented Sonyas Plems as a solution to COVID-19, is effective COVID-19 since it is not taken internally in solid or liquid form, but rather is inhaled in a closed place so that the tiny foreign particles that got into the body in the form of phlegms will come out from the mouth, nose, eyes and anus.

He laments that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is slow in acting on the application for emergency use of Sonyas Plems, though the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippine Council for Health Research  and Development and other agencies  favorably endorsed it to FDA.

He expressed optimism that his Sonyas Plems will also be approved given FDA’s inclination to approve of lagundi and virgin coconut oil as a possible cure for COVID-19. (Leonardo Micua)

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