Villasis sets health protocol during Holy Week

By March 28, 2021Inside News, News

ACTING proactively and expecting the visit of Villasinians from the National Capital Regions and other areas under the General Community Quarantine, the Villasis Anti-COVID-19 Task Force passed a resolution setting health protocols to be observed in the town from March 22 to April 5 in a bid to prevent the spread of the disease.

In its post on Facebook, the Task Force took note of the disturbing report that the new COVID-19 variants were already detected in Urdaneta City, a neighbor of Villasis to the north.

The resolution directed that –

  1. Mass gatherings, including mass and worship services shall be strictly 50% of full capacity. Only 15 to 65 years old shall be allowed to join these activities and all must wear face masks and shields at all times.
  2. Face-to-face meetings, seminars and the like are strongly discouraged.
  3. Baptisms, weddings and funeral services are limited to 25 attendees only while birthdays, anniversary and other social gatherings shall be limited to the members of the households only.
  4. Religious processions are banned.
  5. Only 15 – 65 years old are allowed to on essential travels.
  6. Group rides, motorcycle and bicycle races are prohibited.
  7. Mass Zumbas dance sports and other mass recreational gatherings are also prohibited.
  8. Spas and resorts are prohibited to operate.
  9. Enclosed commercial establishments should require clients and employees to wear face shields to be worn over face masks.
  10. Curfew hours are from  9 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. to non-APORs or Authorized Persons Outside of  Residence.

Copies of the resolution were furnished to all departments and to the PNP for enforcement. (Leonardo Micua)

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