Quiambaos: Faith, love and humility


SINCE that almost fatal COVD-19 infection that hit both the Bayambang mayor and his wife, a life reflection dawned on Niña Jose-Quiambao, wife of Mayor Cezar Quiambao and shared it in a Facebook post on March 16.

Narrating how their traumatic journey started at the start of lockdown, she said everyone was panicking “because we had no idea what Covid was and how to cure it”.

“Cezar and I rushed to Medical City Clark because he was vomiting so much and his fever was in the 40s. I, on the other hand, had lost my sense of taste and smell,” Niña recalled.

She said there was no diagnosis of their case because during that time, tests took two weeks to get results. She said her parents were also in the hospital. Her dad “couldn’t breathe and felt like he was drowning while my mom had her bout with pneumonia.”

“Imagine what we were all going through…  we were all at different hospitals and I was going crazy already because I had no idea what was going on, and in the news everyday people died because of this new virus,” she said.

And about that time, she said two of their close family friends were also hospitalized and succumbed to COVID a week apart.

“Another heartbreak for me. Oh, what a roller-coaster it has been… But God was always there. I knew it. I felt it. What we had been through was nothing short of a miracle,” she said.

She said she is thankful they were given another chance to live their life.

“To breathe. To hug. To kiss. To love. It has taught me to be humble. To be grateful…. Because everything belongs to God and he can take away everything in a snap,” she said.

She said in that isolation room where she was confined, she knew she wasn’t alone for 21 days. “I became closer to God more than ever and because of that I am forever in debt to his Love and Mercy,” she said.

Both she and the mayor were discharged from the Medical City Clark on April 7 last year after a 14-day quarantine.

Meanwhile, as of March 17, the town logged 2 active COVID-19 cases, 98 recovered, 18 deaths.

Niña left this nugget of wisdom to all going through life’s struggles: “Whatever hardships and challenges we are going through, know that He is always with us. He will never leave us. Our God is one of Grace and Faith, he will never forsake us and he will truly bring us out of this. Just hang on to Him. He is our strength and our rock. Have faith and believe, our sorrows and sacrifices mean something to Him. In the end, it will all be for His glory.” (Eva Visperas)

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