Plantitos-Plantitas warned: Beware of dengue-carrier mosquitoes

By March 29, 2021Headlines, News

WHILE more city residents are happily turning to being plan-‘titos’-plan‘titas’ staying home in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, they must know that the very pleasant recreation also poses risks to health of persons in their households.

According to Dagupan Councilor Dennis Canto, chairman on the committee on health of Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP), the recent rise in dengue cases in the city could be attributed to plants being raised indoors.

He cited the case of a friend from Barangay Lucao who asked him if there is an outbreak of dengue in the city because his four sons simultaneously contracted dengue and had to be hospitalized.

This prompted Councilor Canto to check with his elder brother, Dr. Michael Canto at the Region I Medical Center, whether a number of patients afflicted with dengue have been recently admitted. He got a positive answer.

Since the infection was isolated in the home, their neighbors were quick to help check possible usual sources of  breeding places of mosquitoes inside their house, i.e., discarded tires, bottles, drums, buckets, etc. nothing was found except plants found indoor and in their garden as well.

According to Dr. Canto, his suspicion was aroused when he found out that most of the dengue patients were, in fact, children of plantitos and plantitas raising ornamental plants indoor.

“This is a warning to all families in Dagupan. While they are not being discouraged to raise plants indoors, they must regularly check their plants as they may be harboring mosquitoes that can cause dengue,” Canto said.

He warned about presence of excess water settling on containers under the plant’s pots in the household that make ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Majority Floor Leader Michael Fernandez confirmed the sharp rise in the number of dengue cases in the city lately.

Fernandez cited the local Philippine Red Cross (PRC) feverishly campaigning for blood donation because it is in short supply of blood for dengue patients.

Both Fernandez and Canto want the City Health Office which is focused on COVD-19 cases, to be prepared for a possible dengue outbreak in the city.  (Leonardo Micua)

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