Man shot dead over alleged ‘cheating’ in gambling

By March 21, 2021Crime Notes, News

A 31-year-old man was shot dead on his way home after he was suspected of cheating in a gambling session he attended earlier.

The victim Mark Gilbert Arid, a resident of Barangay Amamperez, Villasis, was on his way home riding motorcycle with Lester Novencido, early dawn of Sunday, March 14, after attending a wake in Alcala town when he was allegedly followed and shot by suspect Roberto Olinares, 26, and three still unidentified men.

Arid sustained two gunshot wounds in the left side of his body, while his companion was unharmed.

Arid was rushed to the hospital, but died afterwards.

Olinares was arrested in his house in Barangay Carosucan Sur, Asingan, after a follow-up operation by the police. Police confiscated his motorcycle and a caliber .45 pistol, which he allegedly used in the crime.

Investigation showed Arid and Olinares had a heated argument during the wake because Olinares suspected Arid of cheating during their ‘lucky nine’ card game.

While Olinares admitted he and the victim had an altercation, he denied gunning Arid down. He claimed the gun was only passed to him by one of his companions. But whose identity he did not reveal.

Olinares was charged for the crime of murder the following day. (Ahikam Pasion)

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