Life after COVID…

By March 22, 2021Inside News, News

Bernie Santos, 45, candle vendor, Manaoag

I used to earn quite good, especially during weekends, by selling candles at the entrance of the Minor Basilica of Manaoag. I was always excited whenever Saturday and Sunday would come because it meant “buhay na naman ang bulsa ko at hayahay para sa pamilya”.

For more than 10 years, selling candles has been my source of income. It helped me a lot to provide for my family with three young kids. It was almost summer then in 2020 when everything suddenly changed.

Naging parang sementeryo ang paligid ng simbahan. Napakatahimik. Wala ng tao. Na lockdown na noong Marso 15, 2020.

At first, I didn’t realize the effects of the lockdown or quarantine. I thought it would last maybe for few days or weeks only. But it reached several months. Halos wala na kaming makain noon.

Where have all the pilgrims gone? Nakakabingi ang katahimikan. Maraming bawal.

We transferred temporarily to my wife’s family in San Jacinto where they have a small farm, where we can get our food like vegetables, corn and rice and native chickens, too.

It was like a nightmare. Good thing my wife was able to get a little help like relief goods from the government that helped us through. But of course, it was never enough. At the end of the day, we should not rely entirely on government.

So we planted more vegetables and sold them.

Sana huwag ng pasaway ang mga tao para tumigil na ang pagkalat ng COVID at hindi na tayo maglockdown uli.  (Eva Visperas)


Federico Almazan, retired employee, Dagupan City

I am a senior citizen. I just don’t know whether I should have myself vaccinated with whatever brand commensurate to my age when our turn for the vaccines comes. I read that persons with comorbidities, and I am one of them, must think twice before they submit themselves for vaccination.

Secondly, why is it that even some younger people I know tell me they will not get themselves vaccinated. They must have a reason in doing so. The government must have failed to convince them that they must take the vaccine for their own good. That is the reason why I am in no hurry to get myself. vaccinated. (Leonardo Micua)


Jaime Imbat, Cablong, Pozorrubio,

Attention DOH, etc. Face shield is useless. It should be googles instead. COVID is an airborne pandemic caused by pollution. It is the energized heavy stationary tiny metallic particles in trillion tons being inhaled now by us from the earth’s atmosphere. I can prove and attest my claim in any Senate or congressional inquiry. (Leonardo Micua)

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