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The challenge to be better than others

OUR country’s health officials and stakeholders have expressed serious concern over the evident surge in COVID-19 cases across the country.

The latest projection of Octa Research only served to further dampen our hopes for an end to the pandemic in the country and finally a surge of another kind –  the rebooting of our national economy. Alas, the worse is still yet to happen.

But the situation for Pangasinan need not be that damning or as hopeless as it may seem. Much like the strategy that imposes granular or zonal quarantine instead of a total lockdown of a town or city, Pangasinan can view and apply the concept conversely – giving our situation a positive direction.

Let us apply the “granular lockdown” principle to Pangasinan in a different, opposite  context, to mean that Pangasinan should isolate itself from the whiplash hitting the country. In other words, Pangasinan can be the big province that won’t be seeing the level of surge being experienced in other provinces.

Pangasinan can lead and show the way, because it can. Majority of our provincial and local  political leaders have demonstrated they can pursue a level of commitment that inspires and motivates communities to outdo themselves, in bringing out the best in themselves.

By providing the material and equipment support and leadership by example, our medical frontliners no less, have taken to the Pinoy adage – Walang Iwanan – fully.

The challenge before our political and professional leaders is before them. Will and can  Pangasinan be better than the rest of the country?

Stop blaming

WE are a patient race. Our being the self-sacrificing kind is a famed virtue known worldwide.  Didn’t we bow to Spanish conquest for nearly 400 years before we rebelled against foreign domination?   Didn’t we keep our cool for 14 years before we toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986 through the Edsa People’s Revolt?  And now comes this COVID-19 plague now bedeviling the world the last two years.  As a pandemic, the coronavirus has not spared us.  Hundreds have died.  Thousands are still sick.  The scourge is still raging. Amid the grief and suffering, some of us are almost driven to the edge.  But let’s be calm and composed to the hilt.  To be angry is madness as it could force us to lose sight at the problem at hand. Let’s trust, believe and surrender to the government.  Stop blaming.  While waiting for the vaccine, stay home as much as possible. It’s the only way to salvation—for now.

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