Active COVID-19 cases in Dagupan surge anew


WHILE only nine positive cases were logged on March 10 and 11, the number of active cases in Dagupan has risen to 34 in just one week as of March 19, showing a slight resurgence of COVID-19.

The number exceeded the tally registered on March 1 at 26 which was down to 20 and 18 on March 2 and 3, then 15 on March 6 and 7 and 13 on March 5, till it tallied 9, its lowest ever, for two days on March 10 and 11. From there, the number of cases started rising again to 16 on March 12, 19 on March 13, 18 on March 14 and 15 before it went up to 31 with the addition of 13 new cases, and 34 on March 19 with three more cases listed.

The slight rise of COVID-19 cases seemed to have coincided with the roll out of vaccination in the city, first targeting medical front liners of public and private health facilities.

As of March 19, Barangay Caranglaan became the new epicenter of pandemic in Dagupan with 14 active cases, followed by Bonuan Gueset (4), Pantal (3), Malued (3), Bonuan Binloc (2), Pogo Chico (2), Bonuan Boquig (2), Bacayao Sur (1), Lucao (1) and Carael (1).

With three positive case and zero recovery on March 19, the number of COVID-19 cases in Dagupan since the pandemic was declared in March 2020, totaled 1,179 cases; 1,085 had recovered and 62 had died.

A report stated that a barangay official found positive for COVID-19 infected his whole family comprising of more than 10 members.

During the Sangguniang Panlungsod virtual session on March 18, City Councilor Celia Lim alerted City Health Officers Aurora Cuison on the need to guard Dagupan against the possible entry of the more transmissible variations of the virus — the UK, South African, Brazilian and the newly discovered Philippine variant.

Earlier, Dr. Ophelia Rivera, COVID-19 focal person in Dagupan, admitted in a TV interview that the new registered COVID-19 cases involved six cases of reinfection, meaning these were already discharged a few months ago after registering negative results in their last RT-PCR test but got reinfected after a few months. (Leonardo Micua)

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