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Have a Merry Christmas, the New Normal way

OUR Christmas celebration this year is, and will definitely be unlike anything in the past. The earlier we accept that reality, the better and more creative we can be in preparing ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually for a still meaningful celebration.

In fact, internet can make our reunions continue to be meaningful if we plan for them.

For instance, Zoom and other group chat applications should prompt relatives and friends to still look their best as they pray, eat and commune together since there’s nothing in government protocols in stopping COVID-19 contagion that says we should not dress our best when staying at home. We can surprise and bring smiles to our friends and relatives by exchanging selfies and posting these on Facebook or Instagram without being together physically.

Even relatives and friends separated by hundreds or thousands of miles can even play games via these internet applications.

One may not be aware that attending virtual Simbang Gabi masses may not be the same as being in church early morning dawn but the unique advantage it offers is it makes one much closer to the altar and the mass celebrant when recalling how and why Jesus was born, why God the Father sent his only Son to come down from heaven –  to save us from eternal damnation and bring us back to Him.

Indeed, we may not have the same Christmas celebration around us, but there’s no stopping us from still having the best yet – with members of our family. After all, Christmas is primally about having Jesus Christ in our homes and in our hearts.

Merry Christmas, Sunday Punchers!


Most joyous occasion

WHILE we grapple with grief over the COVID-19 pandemic, we will irrevocably celebrate Christmas six days from today.  Christmas is the most joyous occasion in the Christian world as it marks the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.   It has no equal in importance as Jesus was sent by God the Father through the Holy Spirit to redeem us from sin via the ultimate sacrifice: death on the cross. Terribly, death stalks the land since the virus was discovered on December 17, 2019, in Wuhan, China.  Already, nearly 70 million had been infected and more than 1.5 million had died worldwide.  Amid the wailing and suffering, we embrace Christmas if only to profess anew our faith in God’s eternal love for mankind.  Mysterious has always been God’s way with us even as we praise Him for the recent vaccine discovery against the virus.

“Trust, believe and surrender.”  It will be that way, now and forever. Merry Christmas!

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